Solidisco & Fireflowerz- Unreal (ft. Mina)

10/15/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

All the blogs are saying "Solidisco is BACK and this time..." but were they ever really here, lyke reeeeally. Cause I've never fucking heard of them. But w/e because "Unreal" is fucking UNREAL. The disco-centric duo teams up with high-energy, Italian DJ, Fireflowerz (srsly? ur DJ name is "fireflowerz"? How girly is that? Like do you even lift, bro?) and the result is a jive-y, horn-heavy track that will have you immediately headed for the dancefloor. And this is the type of song that you feel like a BO$S dancing to even though you're doing you're regular Carleton-inspired dance moves. The build is amazing and the drop is undeniable. Srsly, if this song doesn't have you dancing like it's the last song of the night then your deaf. Which would mean you are (for some INSANE reason) reading this blog just for the writing, SO THANKU! super flattered.