Sound Remedy- Victory (ft. EVVY)

10/28/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Yay! Another appearance by up-and-coming EVVY who, like every other indie-pop princess out there from L.A. to London, channels the fashion-sense and attitude of Luna Lovegood. But homegirl knows how to choose and sing a catchy track, as evident by this summer's gr00vy "Got Me Movin'". Also, PLOT TWIST, her name is pronounced eh-vy not eeeeeveeeee like the pokemon as we all thought (I know, I was dissapointed too. I was hoping she'd evolve like Snoop Dogg/ Snoop Lion or Lil Bow Wow/ Bow Wow and become Vaporeon. or Umbreon. But nope). EVVY teams up with Cali-producer Sound Remedy (pictured) who wears a mask cause, you know, EBOLA. But real talk, this song IS the next "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit. Everyone mark your calendars, on October 28, 2014, I predicted that this song will be on the radio (I'll say that I told you so in about 7-9 months). The song's upbeat, totally PG and catchy AF. As soon as the electro-infused chorus hit, my mind was fucking blown. It has the chorus of a number-one pop song and the drop of an amazing electronic jam. And that combo is, in the words of Hansel, sssso hot RN.