Thrupence - Don't You Mind

10/13/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Sometimes u need some acid 50s jazz in your lives. I haven't looked this video up on Youtube, because I want to imagine it just plays over clips of the old Alice in Wonderland. One million hippie heads would explode if this were tru. Alas. I am digging this mans shtick though. Basically it just seems like Thrupence put a lot of shit together. Strings, floopy new beats, and the quinessential sample of "deceased and tragically nvr famous Southern blues singer." Or maybe it's a Kanye sample. Idk. Nevertheless, it should be pointed out that Thrupence is capitalizing on and maybe even stealing from indie grandfather RJD2. Remember Ghostwriter? Of course you do, it was probably the first song you liked without words!! Same. Well I think that this stuff is almost the same thing. But I guess if there is room for Roar and Brave, there is room for this dude.