Tove Lo - Talking Body

10/30/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

"Omg a new Tove Lo song ! T4L u are so original!!" Well bitches, this song is good so listen to it. Like every other T.L. song, it's catchy aF and makes you want to jump around and be drunk. Also know that we are actually doing Tove Lo the favor. Because I saw her in concert 2 weeks ago. And guys....she was kind of lame. Like, she spent most of the time yelling about how she was high. And also asking the audience if they were high. And in general just talking about weed. That's fine I guess...but the rules of Fight Club apply to other things besides fight club. And Tove Lo was not being v cool bout that. Also her voice was a little bit meh. Maybe she was having an off night. I will give her the benefit of the doubt. Because probably if I stood up in front of bitchy New Yorkers I would fall off the stage. Also did you know she was in a high school band with half of Icona Pop?! Now u know. MIKE'S SUPER SHORT SHOW. (anyone? Bueller?)