Tove Styrke - Borderline

10/14/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I initially thought this was a Madonna cover. To find out it wasn't was actually kind of a pleasant surprise, because no matter how good this (fictional) cover could have been, I would not have been able to banish the image of present day Madonna with her grillz from my mind. Guys, 2014 Madonna could literally be the villain of a horror movie. She would stalk Lady Gaga around the city wearing nothing but assless chaps and her golden grillz. And she would scuttle around like a crab. ARE U SCARED YET. Anyways, Tove Styrke is the latest Tove to come on our radar. Like our fav drunk pop singer Tove Lo, she hails from Sweden. Is Tove the Emily of Sweden? I am baffled. There are some other comparisons to be made here. If you like Lykke Li, you will prob like this. I'm just sayin, Swedish people sound a lot alike when they sing in English. K so let's talk about the song. I honestly don't really know what's happening in "Borderline." Tove S. sings of spitting fire, being blind, and having shackles. The chorus is super fun tho. The inclusion of the word borderline 1000 times actually makes it really rhyme-y and catchy. Santigold wishes she sang this.