Zella Day - Hypnotic

10/27/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Call me crzy, but I'm feelin a lottttt of Britney here. The Toxic years ovi. Teeny-bopper Briney would nvr have been down for this shit. OR WOULD SHE? Having once buried myself in extensive Britney research****, I can confidently say... She's not that innocent yall. I mean, Justin definitely hit it. Ugh. I miss Britney. Good thing we have Zella Day to (kind of) comfort us. She's steadily released music over the past 6 months, but this is the first one I've wanted to listen to NOT in remix form. That's a big compliment lady. If RAC got his hands on a Feel of Cotton commercial I would probably buy it. In "Hypnotic" Z.D gives us her best sultry vocals, complete with falsetto chorus. Like I said, the production is pure 2003 B. Spears. At this point, I still don't feel motivation to follow Zella Day's possible ascent to hipster stardom, but this song has made me think about reconsidering that position. Also it's free on Itunes this week!!! Free stuff rules u guys!!

****Seriously go read about Britney's "lost" album. It will make u feel so much emotion. And also have new appreciation for Chris Crocker.