Royal - Round 2 (ft. Desktop)

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No your computer is not malfunctioning: that is the album artwork for this song. I guess this is what we can expect from someone who voluntarily names himself Desktop. Like hello sir, You can't go around picking random objects as your stage name. "Wassup New York, we're Waffle Iron!! Have a good night!!" No. Still, this song is pretty good, albeit in a Sammy Adams type way. Mainly Desktop sings 'You ready for round 1 , I'm ready for Round 2" over and over again, and uses phrases such as "we was chillin" It's not James Blake, but I'm not trying to groove to Retrograde when I be pregaming. What a depressing scene that would be. Royal is actually a producer so I assume the rest of his music sounds different from this. I guess I should just go look it up instead of speculating about it here. I also like that this song just cuts off at the end. Like who really wants to listen to 20 more seconds of a song after they stop singing!? NO ONE THAT'S WHO! Rock on Royal.

2Pac & BANKS - Thugz Drowning (Carlos Serrano Remix)

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K prob bout to lose my street cred (JK ! never had any lol) but I know so little about Tupac. Like...I know that he and Biggie didn't like each other and that he was resurrected via hologram. But really the extent of my knowledge is that a lot of people on Youtube want to sacrifice Justin Bieber to get Tupac back. Omg and I was OBSESSED w Ghetto Gospel (the Elton John version duh) for like 3 months when I was 18. I know this is bad. But I feel like a lot of people who say they love Tupac could probably be shown a pic of Tracy Morgan and they'd be like "he was so young ! Why god!!" Bacially the point of this rant is when I heard this remix, I didn't even know it was Tupac. I literally saw Banks in the title and zoned everything else out. Props to Carlos Serrano for putting this shit together; it blends surprisingly well. These tracks are both kind of "song that plays before everyone dies in a gangster movie" genre. You would nvr know that Banks was probably like 8 when this dude died. Also I ended up really liking "Drowning" after listening to this, which I think is nowhere near her best song. 

Nao - So Good (ft. A.k Paul) & Good Girl

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Nao's got the Kanye diva act down pat already . NO PICS BITCHES. Or maybe she's trying to show us she has large hands. Or warn us that a car will hit us if we come closer. Who's to say. What I can say for certain is that on Nao's new songs "Good Girl" and "So Good" she is serving major 90s goodness. I am being reminded of Paula Abdul on the first one. If Paula Abdul didn't speak gibberish in her songs. Painkillers are bad yallll. Some more thing about this song: a google search revealed to me "So Good" was produced by A.K. Paul. Tunes 4 Loons you might ask, Who is AK Paul!? Well dummies, he is none other than the brother of Jai Paul, one of the greatest mysterious producers in the UK. In the last 7 years, the man has released 2 songs. BTSU & Jasmine. Look them up. So the fact that this was made by his brother makes me feel like we are with Jai Paul himself in a Kevin Bacon type way. Actually tbh the production on this sounds pretty janky, but the 90s didn't even have Apple tV, so perhaps he was staying true to the time period. Buy her EP.

Stromae - Meltdown (ft. Lorde, Pusha - T, Q-Tip, & Haim)

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Guys I'm gonna be honest, I'm not really on team Lorde. I would say I'm more Team "Lorde is ok and her Grammy performance was fucking weird". I think something about her voice bothers me. And I always have felt her lyrics were juvenile. Which is allowed because duh she is one, but I don't understand why she is lauded as this cool innovative pop star. HELLO ROBYN IS THAT. and no one talks about her!! k rant concluded. The reason I am posting this song is because I actually think Miss Ella (that's right, her parents didn't name her Lorde! Thank god!) brought her A-game to Katniss Everdeen's yard. According to an article I read in Rolling Stone, she was basically in charge of the entire soundtrack. This one is my fav, mainly because Haim is present*** and it's dark and scary like the movie. Also rap and indie always sound good together. While I can't really say I support the stage name Q-tip (or really identify which one he is...) , that guy sounds pretty legit next to the bigger name mistas . Anyone is better than 2 chainz amirite.

**sadly for 10 seconds at the end. Lorde wasn't keen on sharing the spotlight

A$AP Ferg- Talk It (Produced by Clams Casino)

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Not really gonna say a whole lot about this one cause it's topic is sensitive and I could go one 4dayyyyyyz about it, but it's A$AP and Clam Casinos' tribute to Ferguson. and A$APs verses are smooth as fuq.

Clean Bandit- Stronger

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Do I really even need to write a post*?? Great Odin's raven** it's CLEAN BANDIT! I'm pretty sure they're like a Pixel Perfect DCOM movie type of situation because everything they produce screams formulaic pop-song and is catchy AF. Ergo my conspiracy theory is that they are robots created by Phil of the Future (yeah, bet you forgot that was the same guy. ur welcome.) Also, really dig that they went with some male vocals on this one.

*srsly, if i do, tell me. Otherwise, this is all yah get
**if you get that reference, ILY.***


***Anchorman #fuckingduh

Joywave- Tongues (Giorgio Moroder Remix and RAC Remix)

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Okay, so tbh, Girogio Moroder and RAC, although considered the Zeus and Apollo of remixing, respectively,  I give them minimal credit for both of their remixes being so aurally aaaaaamazing. Remixing Joywave's summer-smash-hit "Tongues" is like cooking a piece of fine kobe beef. Like sure u put on salt and pepper and paprika or whatever the fuq goes on kobe and cooked it, but really the quality of the beef itself is what makes the meal so fucking delicious that it puts u in a permanent food-coma. The original 'Tongues" has one of the best intros of any song I know and althought both DJs fuck that up, RAC adds a nice tropical-house feel (do they ever not?) and Giorgio Moroder elevates the song to a dark-n-dancey electronic track that has me pressing the repeat button time and time again.

Jasmine Thompson- Riptide (Naxsy Remix)

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Jasmine Thompson gives me more mixed emotions than watching a Taylor Swift music video (i wanna keep watching cus the song is so good but I wanna hide my eyes because Tay is SO AWK in front of anything with a lens). One the one hand, Thompson has an amazing, sultry voice that layers over electronic beats with ease. On the other hand, she's making her money by singing other people's words in her stupid, Anthropologie-accented apt that her parent pay for, so i also h8 her. However, I'll let my irrationally harsh feeling slide because all hail the DJs who find Jasmine's pre-teen-styled covers and turn them into post-grad ditties. The results are always blog-worthy. First came Felix Jaehn's rework of her cover of "Ain't Nobody" and then Naxsy's remix of her cover of "Billie Jean", both of which I would describe with 5 heart-eyed-cats if i had emoji-access (fuck my two front teeth, I want an computer-compatible emoji keyboard 4 Christmas. That shouldn't be too hard, right Santa**?) "Riptide" has been passed around remixers more than a Franzia bag is passed around a frat party, but the funky electric guitar, groovy house-piano stabs and tropical synth all elevate this remix above all others fo sho.

**Yeah, that's right, Santa reads this blog. The t4l soundcloud is all that plays in the Santa's workshop while the elves build toys emoji keyboards.

LIVE! Review: Lake Street Dive (Terminal 5 11/14/14)

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I was hopelessly enamored with singer Rachel Price the first time I heard this.  Cool cool some jazz-pop outfit covered Jackson 5, that’s it, right? I went deeper and discovered that NO, this band is unequivocally dope in their own right.  Formed of four pals that met at the New England Conservatory, LSD has two phenomenal full-length albums and is planning on releasing a third soon.  When I saw that they were playing back to back nights, I pulled the trigger and bought tix to both.    
I DID THE RIGHT THING.  The best part of Friday night’s show was knowing I could come back in 24 hours and stand mouth-agape listening to Rachel and her band again.  Because in my opinion it’s her band.   She’s the songbird of our generation and LSD is the triscuit to her voice’s hummus.  That’s not to say the other group members aren't awesome (triscuits are delicious), because they are.  The guitarist/trumpeter had some incredible guitar solos and the stand-up bassist (bad ass Bridget Kearney) soloed so hard she accidentally fell into covering Van Halen’s “Jump.”

This band KILLS covers.  Others included Walking on Broken Glass (so goddamn good), Rich Girl, and I Want You Back. But there were more surprises!  Just as I was imagining what Rachel and I would name our third child together (I think we'll prefer boy names that sound like girls, Lindsay, Kelly etc, and girl names that sound like boys, Connor, Kyle etc) a stage hand ran out with some fancy looking microphone and the band gathered around it to play a couple songs acoustically.  Bass, Trumpet, Tambourine (drummer), and Rachel all pouring through the same mic.  The ensuing five minutes were dripping in intimacy.  I hope no one saw me crying.   

Favorite song(s): Clear a Space, Seventeen Add to the above that their banter in between songs was adorable and that Rachel’s dance moves made my knees wobbly, and Lake Street Dive put on a show worthy of writing home about.  

Fuck grade inflation, they get an A

MNEK- The Rhythm

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Remember wayyyy back in April when we posted about MNEK and told you that his sultry R&B vocals and trendy haircut (which we here at T4L call the amry-man-turned-hipster 'do) would make him someone to look out for later and "The Rhythm" fucking proves it. With a summer and fall dominated by female vocalists (Iggy, Ryn Weaver, BANKS, Tove Lo, Zella Day, Elephante, Brika, I literally could reach my mid-life crisis b4 finishing this list so imma just stop now... no one wants music suggestions from a 45-yr-old), MNEK's smooth, male vocals are a refreshing breathe of air. What starts out as an electronic slow-jam supported by layers of sinster-synth transforms into a snaps-and-marching-band-accompanied dance ditty that will have you up and feeling the rhythm in no time. TBH, the drop, with its unoriginal female-riffing, is weak and leaves you wanting more, but the chorus and bridge MORE than make up for that. Overall, solid track and you won't feel as #basic as you do when you listen to TaySwift or any of those cookie-cutter-hipster, frail-yet-stunning female vocalists I mentioned earlier. 

The Neighbourhood- #Icanteven (ft. French Montana)

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The Neighbourhood is flawless from their killer collab choices (first Raury now French Montana? yes pLz!) to their first single "Sweater Weather" wayyyy back in 2k12 (hm, you were listening to it in 2014 and thought you were #tootrendy4words... well think again, asshole, that song is actually older than Blue Ivy). Weirdly, doesn't the chorus kind of #Ican'teven sound like a remix of an early-2000's Backstreet Boys song or is that just me? I can only imagine the accompanying music video to would be Nick Carter and his frosted-tips singing over emotionally to the camera. Also i can't even with the title (betcha saw that pun coming); it's sarcastic and sas$y AF which, if you hadn't noticed by now, t4l LOVES. The Neighbourhood's newest mixtape, #000000 and #FFFFFF (shoutout to my CompSci-ers who knows what that means #nerdalert) drops November 27th, aka Thanksgiving aka you can rock out to The Neighbourhood's electro-alternative tunes with your Grandma and 5-yr old cousins FTW. My one complaint: the random seagull noises at the end, which also appeared in "sweater Weather'.... srsly, what is your obsession with the ocena-pigeon (i believe that's the seagull's scientific name, right?)

Unoriginal Undeniables (reworks of Gnarles Barkley, Miguel, Alesso and more)

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As Friday approaches, I get lazier and lazier and thus all you get a compilation post (sry, but also, less annoying commentary u have to read FTW). The week has been jam packed with artists releasing UNDENIABLY catchy covers and remixes and we have compiled the best so you don't have to sort through all the SHITTY remixes out there (to put it in perspective, for every good remix we post on here, there are approximately 1.5 million other remixes of the same song and they ALL suck). Remixing a song is a tough art to perfect, but these 5 absolutely killed it this week. 

Alesso- Heroes (Branchez Remix)- I feel like Branchez is the type of people who were just born with the ear to remix. I bet he came out of the womb behind a DJing table with leeeetle baby beats by dr. dre on his head. His remix of "High You Are" will break your replay button and although "Heroes" ain't as good as that (nothing could be), it's still an improvement on the original, which is just commercial AF.
Sounds Like: Alesso, Major Lazer, Diplo

Baby Bash- Suga Suga (Jerry Folk Remix)- rly 'nuff said with the title. A Jerry Folks remix of a gr00vy classic? Count me in!
Sounds Like: Baby Bash (le duh), Goldrooom, RAC, Viceroy

Miguel- Simple Things (Monogem Cover)- Not as good as the original, but then again, the original was flawless (does Beyonce have a patent on that word? Can I only use that to describe her? Don't care). Props to Monogem to turning the R&B slowjam into a this little electronic ditty.
Sounds Like: Miguel, The Weeknd, Lykki Li

Gnarles Barkley- Crazy (TEEMID & Joie Tan Remix)- Maybe the best one on here, although they're all really too different to compare. TEEMID's production value is always high and Joie Tan (sister to my favorite overweight cat, Joshua Tan, i think) has some smooth vocals the round out this crowd-favorite of a track.
Sounds Like: Daft Punk, Flight Facilities, AlunaGeorge, Tobtek 

Misterwives- Reflections (Gryffin Remix)- Misterwives is currently up and coming into the indie world and Gryffin is currently up and coming in the DJ world so this combo was just bound to happen at some point. Told yah I was too lazy to provide adequate commentary 2day lol. 
Sounds Like: Misterwives, Kimbra, Jerry Folk

Ludacris - Good Lovin' (ft. Miguel) (prod. Da Internz)

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Luda, you dawg, you. Of course you would write a song about your bevvy of past biddies. I would expect no less from the man who coined the phrase "I got hoes in different area codes." That doesn't even rhyme, but like its hilariously brillz. Despite his track record, this rap kinda makes me feel for the dude. There's something pretty sad about a gangster waxing poetic about the fact that no one loves him. Everyone deserves love, ya know? Even misogynist rappers who love nothing more than the sound of their own voices. I mean if anything proves that there's someone out there for everyone, it's the existence of Kimye.*

But basically this track works because of Miguel- homeboy has theee smoothest pipes and his chorus is what gives this song some traction. And coupled with the soothing piano background, I wouldn't be surprised if you wanted to roll up a spliff, listen to him croon, and feel a little sorry for yourself. I feel ya, boys, love is hard.

*The jury is still out on this one... I'm just really not convinced that Kim loves anyone more than her own ass and Kanye probably thinks his own wife is racist. *sigh* Love is a mystery.


Major Lazer- All My Love (ft. Ariana Grande)

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I know, I know. We officially lost our street cred as soon as I typed the words "Ariana Grande" but counterbalance the ponytailed-princess with some eletcro-alternative Major Lazer and you get an amazing, anthemic pop song (is there any other kind? nope). Lol that it took a movie staring Josh Hutcherson to bring these two musical acts together. This RLY makes me think that Ariana Grande isn't cool enough to have chosen this collaboration on her own, but, cool or not, homegirl's got some pipes. More and more the Hunger Games Soundtrack** is looking amazing (Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde or w/e it's called can fuq off but the track featuring HAIM is awesome and this one, obviously, rocks as well).

**Btw, soundtracks in the 2014 contains songs not played during the movie at all. Because the music industry is falling into the toilet and needs money in the form of help from the prosperous movie industry... i wonder why that is? (BRB, gonna go illegally download this song !!)

Luxx- Lost Cause (ft. George Baker and Funzo B)

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Luxx is BACK and this time they have collaborated with amazing vocalist George Baker and Funzo B, who I'm pretty sure was the name of the clown I had at my 6th birthday. The production, in classic Luxx fashion, is sas$y AF and the rapping verses are a surprise, but not unwelcome. In Ed Sheeran's 2011 collab album taught us anything, its that ppl LOVE soulful vocals dispersed between some british-toned raps so PG that white-people can sing along not awkwardly ("life's never been a walk in a park"... yeah, rul thUg lyrics right thurrr). Appurently Luxx only teams with people with the prefix Georg- (and clowns, obv) but if the result is always this amazing, then they can be as weirdly selective as they want.

Hozier - Work Song

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Y'all. I truly believe that Hozier has achieved some otherwordly communion with the music gods. I feel shame in saying this - but he brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "I literally can't even." Because I LITERALLY CANNOT EVEN begin to explain the clusterfuck of emotions that this song elicits. TOO MANY FEELS. Let me attempt to simplify:

1- He has a man bun. help.
2 - His voice is powerful and sexy and yet so vulnerable - have we found the ideal male prototype??
3 - Those lyrics are like a punch to the gut. Dude is a poet.
4 - This shit is hauntingly beautiful.
     (which seems to be Hozier's M.O. - see anything else he's ever written)

All of the above = I honestly don't know what's wrong with you if can live in a world in which Hozier does not exist. That is it. bye.

Hopium - Dreamers (Two Can Remix)

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ATTN: Be advised that if you are at any transitional time in your life in which you feel you have accomplished an impressively small proportion of your hopes and dreams, then listening to this song will feel akin to pouring lemon juice on your open wounds. Or taking vodka shots to the eyeball - because apparently people do that. And by people, I mean the most idiotic crop of teenagers to grace this earth. 

Regardless, Hopium must be an ironic name because their lyrics inspire anything but... ex. "You said this would be your year, but you fucked around now December's here" or "You made yourself a promise and forgot to keep it." OR my personal fave - "You fed yourself on lies, now you're fat with bullshit." WUTOFIT? Listen up Hopium, if I wanted to be reprimanded I would have called my parents and asked them for money. You clearly don't know what it's like out there... like jobs are hard... employers really don't seem to understand how valuable my experience as an unpaid intern was. I learned how to FILE shit for God's sake. And the last time I checked, fucking around was a perfectly normal, nay, obligatory activity for the last years of our care-free youth. So bite me, Hopium - enjoy drinking club soda and braiding each other's hair.**

THUS, I direct all of my praise to Two Can for making this otherwise depressing song into a jam and a half. They've produced something akin to the style of Sound Remedy, but a little less heavy handed than yer typical trap/electrohouse rework. So despite my tirade, I endorse this track in the name of dopeness.

**This is probably uncalled for... I'm just mad because you're right... don't tell my mom.

The Hood Internet- Backseat Shakeoff (Taylor Swift Remix)

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DROP EVERYTHING YOU'RE DOING RN AND LISTEN TO THIS. It is a treat that The Hood Internet has blessed us with on this cold, SNOWY (fml), bleak friday morning and it would be disrespectful to not give it a listen. Also it fucking rocks. I am official team kendrick (idk what the other team even is/ would be, but doesn't matter, this song has me sold that kendrick lamar is KEWL (said in Cartman voice le duh)). All hail the hacker who leaked this song early. However, fellow loons, because it was leaked, you have no idea how difficult it was for me to find the song. It wasn't on HypeM (nvr a good sign) and the Soundcloud had been uploaded and then deleted already. Yaqui, Stereogum and Indie Shuffle all had broken links. My hipster-music sources were stretched thin! Then I went to this site called YouTube (the commonppls music source) and lo and behold the 2nd most popular website had it !! (SHOCKER... not rly. I was being snooty not checking there in the firstplace #musicsnob #atleastiadmitit). Kendrick's rhymes drip with flow and ease and it's layered over the catchiest song of 2k14 (yeah, I called a Taylor song number one. Call the hipster music blogger everywhere and have them shun me. IDC. I'll just shake it off, yah know?)

Matoma - Hello Vs. Party & Bullshit (Matoma Remix)

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Who knew Norwegian producers and 90's rappers meshed so well?! Who knew I'd even ever use "90's rappers" and "Norwegian" in the same sentence? Music in 2k14 is crAzyYy. But srsly, Matoma kills it, per usual, with his tropical house vibes, ironic considering Scandinavia and tropical go together like Taylor Swift and acting natural on camera. And to top it all off, over his amazing synth-work and sum soulful sax, Matoma layers the rhymes of some of the most thug rappers in history (minus Ice Cube. lol. U immediately lost your thug status as soon as you appeared on screen in "Are We There Yet?"). 

Overall, it's a good tune for a #tbt to summer or for white people who feel like they aren't thug enough to get away listening to the original 90's raps (u aren't alone, trust me. Stay strong and remember, only attempt rapping when no one is within a 250 yard radius to you... you WILL embarrass yourself).

A-Trak- Push (ft. Andrew Wyatt)

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WHY is a guy singing falsetto so attractive to women (Adam Levine, Sam Smith, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE anyone?). Srsly though, if you think about it, men cut off their manhood to achieve the perfect level of falsetto and yet women still go crazy over a eunuch-esque singer. Shit's a fucking contradiction.But i'll let it slide because Andrew Wyatt's falsetto sails oh-so-smoothly across the bouncy piano production of A-Trak, our neighbor to the north (ew, Canada... sry, had to get that out of my system. Never been a fan of the country and luckily more and more people are joining my stance after the emergence of J.Beibs). Now, imma be honest, I didn't know what tha FUQ A-Trak looked like until today. Not as die-hard of a music fan as I like to think I am but yah learn something new everyday. I now know what A-Trak looks like and he looks like a skinnier, hotter, less-mentally-unstable version of Huck from Scandal. 

Chill Bump - Not Today

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Admission: I'm not really up on the Parisian hip-hop scene. Apparently, "Not Today" is not duo Chill Bump's first foray into the blogosphere. In fact, it's an emerging favorite off of their newly dropped (Nov. 4th) full length album. Well, boys, I apologize for not knowing who you are. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that I am not alone in my ignorance. So for those of you looking for a few "sounds like" descriptors to clue you in - I have the perfect comparison. Flashback to 2009: remember flobots? "I can ride my bike with NO HANDLEBARS." Yeah, this song is v similar, but a lot lot better. How can that be? Idk, it's just true. It's got that chillwave vibe but without those asinine lyrics... ex. "I can split the atom of a molecule." Unless y'all are the first rappers/nuclear physicists, I HIGHLY doubt that. In regards to lyrics, Chill Bump is channelling more Slugg (ya know, from Atmosphere) than Asher Roth. Respect, guys.  

LIVE! Review: Panama Wedding (Rough Trade 11/5/14)

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Coming off the release of their “Parallel Play” EP in June, Panama Wedding has been building a following for themselves on the interwebs with their euphoric, bouncing synth-pop tracks.  This one is begging to be remixed

I’ve found that electro-rock type sounds can sometimes be underwhelming when performed live, but that wasn’t the case with this group.  The band had bass, guitar, (synth) keys and drums thumping out their melodies as founder/singer/guitarist/pianist/floor-tom-thumpher Peter Kirk wooed the mic.  They even mixed in a couple of impressive key and guitar solos. 

Their in person sound lived up to the jam-standard set by my $15 headphones but the ENERGY level in the place wasn’t quite as high as I’d have liked it to be.  Maybe it was the hammered kid yelling in my ear or maybe the band was just tired that night but I never felt lost in a groove.  The most probable cause: this was my first sober concert since Obama’s opening term, so I might have been unfairly predisposed to not being too excited.  
Overall it was a ticket well-purchased. Definitely catch this NYC-based group if you get the chance.   

My favorite song: “Uma.”  If I ever meet a girl named Uma I plan on singing this to her incessantly.

(This isn’t your grade-inflated undergrad scale, a C is truly average here)

Schoolboy Q & Kendrick Lamar - Blessed (Nightizm Remix)

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Been sitting on this one for a minute, but I honestly couldn't tell you why. It is the embodiment of DGAFn* and good vibes, i.e. "feelin blessed, my n*gga!!" Kendrick's verse is just... yess. I think it's all in his delivery. Like he raps about gangster things but in a way that makes suburban white girls like me be like "yeahhh I feel you, K!" Like I think Kendrick would def agree to smoke blunts with me (Obvi after I begged), but Eminem on the other hand, he'd probably just spit in my Starbucks. Moral of the story, although this track is explicitly not addressed to white girls in SUVs, I feel relatively little shame in ignoring that fact, as should you and whatever reason it's politically incorrect for you to imagine Mr. Lamar as your celeb bff.

As for Nightizm's addition- I'm usually peeved by any intro exceeding 30 seconds but this one (clocking in at approximately 2 min) is surprisingly dope. Compared to the original track, this rework adds some complexity/energy to a simple beat and basically just keeps you from getting bored. So shake off those Monday blues and stay blessed, y'all.

*translation: not giving a fuck.

Dillon Francis- Hurricane (ft. Lily Elise)

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Okay, tbh, although Dillon Francis' new album has an amazing title, Money Sucks, Friends Rule, most of his new music misses the mark. But NOT Hurricane. The chorus flows from an infectious hook (I love you like a hurricane, I blow ur <3 awayyyy) to an undeniably-dancey drop. The constant marching band drum is always a welcome addition to any EDM song IMO and although Lily Elise's vocals are solid, they're pretty generic (Selena Gomez/ Ariana Grande/ Demi Lovato wannabe anyone?). Sure the song as a whole is super generically pop and cookie cutter, BUT WHO DOESN'T LIKE COOOOOKIES? Get off your pinterest-inspired chair you call a hipster throne and groove along to this, even if it is as commercial as a J.C. Penney catalog.

Cash + David- Bones

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This little down-tempo ditty won't have you up dancing or pushing the repeat button, but it still has that je ne sais quoi that draws me back to it time and time again (I know, I used french in the middle of a sentence. I'm a pretentious douche. Plz try to forgive my Parisian slip up and we'll move on). Cash + David everyday identities are Tim Ross (Cash) and Liz Lawrence (David)........ i don't get it either. But their based in London and produce music like this so they must be cool. Liz has some serious Zooey Deschanel-sounding vocals which sounds amazing over the complex layers of perfect synth (actually, I can't really judge anything having to do with synth considering I have no idea what it even looks like... I imagine it looks like the love child of a 1998 PC and a xylophone).