2Pac & BANKS - Thugz Drowning (Carlos Serrano Remix)

11/30/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

K prob bout to lose my street cred (JK ! never had any lol) but I know so little about Tupac. Like...I know that he and Biggie didn't like each other and that he was resurrected via hologram. But really the extent of my knowledge is that a lot of people on Youtube want to sacrifice Justin Bieber to get Tupac back. Omg and I was OBSESSED w Ghetto Gospel (the Elton John version duh) for like 3 months when I was 18. I know this is bad. But I feel like a lot of people who say they love Tupac could probably be shown a pic of Tracy Morgan and they'd be like "he was so young ! Why god!!" Bacially the point of this rant is when I heard this remix, I didn't even know it was Tupac. I literally saw Banks in the title and zoned everything else out. Props to Carlos Serrano for putting this shit together; it blends surprisingly well. These tracks are both kind of "song that plays before everyone dies in a gangster movie" genre. You would nvr know that Banks was probably like 8 when this dude died. Also I ended up really liking "Drowning" after listening to this, which I think is nowhere near her best song.