A-Trak- Push (ft. Andrew Wyatt)

11/11/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

WHY is a guy singing falsetto so attractive to women (Adam Levine, Sam Smith, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE anyone?). Srsly though, if you think about it, men cut off their manhood to achieve the perfect level of falsetto and yet women still go crazy over a eunuch-esque singer. Shit's a fucking contradiction.But i'll let it slide because Andrew Wyatt's falsetto sails oh-so-smoothly across the bouncy piano production of A-Trak, our neighbor to the north (ew, Canada... sry, had to get that out of my system. Never been a fan of the country and luckily more and more people are joining my stance after the emergence of J.Beibs). Now, imma be honest, I didn't know what tha FUQ A-Trak looked like until today. Not as die-hard of a music fan as I like to think I am but yah learn something new everyday. I now know what A-Trak looks like and he looks like a skinnier, hotter, less-mentally-unstable version of Huck from Scandal.