Dillon Francis- Hurricane (ft. Lily Elise)

11/10/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Okay, tbh, although Dillon Francis' new album has an amazing title, Money Sucks, Friends Rule, most of his new music misses the mark. But NOT Hurricane. The chorus flows from an infectious hook (I love you like a hurricane, I blow ur <3 awayyyy) to an undeniably-dancey drop. The constant marching band drum is always a welcome addition to any EDM song IMO and although Lily Elise's vocals are solid, they're pretty generic (Selena Gomez/ Ariana Grande/ Demi Lovato wannabe anyone?). Sure the song as a whole is super generically pop and cookie cutter, BUT WHO DOESN'T LIKE COOOOOKIES? Get off your pinterest-inspired chair you call a hipster throne and groove along to this, even if it is as commercial as a J.C. Penney catalog.