Hopium - Dreamers (Two Can Remix)

11/17/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

ATTN: Be advised that if you are at any transitional time in your life in which you feel you have accomplished an impressively small proportion of your hopes and dreams, then listening to this song will feel akin to pouring lemon juice on your open wounds. Or taking vodka shots to the eyeball - because apparently people do that. And by people, I mean the most idiotic crop of teenagers to grace this earth. 

Regardless, Hopium must be an ironic name because their lyrics inspire anything but... ex. "You said this would be your year, but you fucked around now December's here" or "You made yourself a promise and forgot to keep it." OR my personal fave - "You fed yourself on lies, now you're fat with bullshit." WUTOFIT? Listen up Hopium, if I wanted to be reprimanded I would have called my parents and asked them for money. You clearly don't know what it's like out there... like jobs are hard... employers really don't seem to understand how valuable my experience as an unpaid intern was. I learned how to FILE shit for God's sake. And the last time I checked, fucking around was a perfectly normal, nay, obligatory activity for the last years of our care-free youth. So bite me, Hopium - enjoy drinking club soda and braiding each other's hair.**

THUS, I direct all of my praise to Two Can for making this otherwise depressing song into a jam and a half. They've produced something akin to the style of Sound Remedy, but a little less heavy handed than yer typical trap/electrohouse rework. So despite my tirade, I endorse this track in the name of dopeness.

**This is probably uncalled for... I'm just mad because you're right... don't tell my mom.