Jasmine Thompson- Riptide (Naxsy Remix)

11/25/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Jasmine Thompson gives me more mixed emotions than watching a Taylor Swift music video (i wanna keep watching cus the song is so good but I wanna hide my eyes because Tay is SO AWK in front of anything with a lens). One the one hand, Thompson has an amazing, sultry voice that layers over electronic beats with ease. On the other hand, she's making her money by singing other people's words in her stupid, Anthropologie-accented apt that her parent pay for, so i also h8 her. However, I'll let my irrationally harsh feeling slide because all hail the DJs who find Jasmine's pre-teen-styled covers and turn them into post-grad ditties. The results are always blog-worthy. First came Felix Jaehn's rework of her cover of "Ain't Nobody" and then Naxsy's remix of her cover of "Billie Jean", both of which I would describe with 5 heart-eyed-cats if i had emoji-access (fuck my two front teeth, I want an computer-compatible emoji keyboard 4 Christmas. That shouldn't be too hard, right Santa**?) "Riptide" has been passed around remixers more than a Franzia bag is passed around a frat party, but the funky electric guitar, groovy house-piano stabs and tropical synth all elevate this remix above all others fo sho.

**Yeah, that's right, Santa reads this blog. The t4l soundcloud is all that plays in the Santa's workshop while the elves build toys emoji keyboards.