Joywave- Tongues (Giorgio Moroder Remix and RAC Remix)

11/26/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Okay, so tbh, Girogio Moroder and RAC, although considered the Zeus and Apollo of remixing, respectively,  I give them minimal credit for both of their remixes being so aurally aaaaaamazing. Remixing Joywave's summer-smash-hit "Tongues" is like cooking a piece of fine kobe beef. Like sure u put on salt and pepper and paprika or whatever the fuq goes on kobe and cooked it, but really the quality of the beef itself is what makes the meal so fucking delicious that it puts u in a permanent food-coma. The original 'Tongues" has one of the best intros of any song I know and althought both DJs fuck that up, RAC adds a nice tropical-house feel (do they ever not?) and Giorgio Moroder elevates the song to a dark-n-dancey electronic track that has me pressing the repeat button time and time again.