LIVE! Review: Lake Street Dive (Terminal 5 11/14/14)

11/24/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I was hopelessly enamored with singer Rachel Price the first time I heard this.  Cool cool some jazz-pop outfit covered Jackson 5, that’s it, right? I went deeper and discovered that NO, this band is unequivocally dope in their own right.  Formed of four pals that met at the New England Conservatory, LSD has two phenomenal full-length albums and is planning on releasing a third soon.  When I saw that they were playing back to back nights, I pulled the trigger and bought tix to both.    
I DID THE RIGHT THING.  The best part of Friday night’s show was knowing I could come back in 24 hours and stand mouth-agape listening to Rachel and her band again.  Because in my opinion it’s her band.   She’s the songbird of our generation and LSD is the triscuit to her voice’s hummus.  That’s not to say the other group members aren't awesome (triscuits are delicious), because they are.  The guitarist/trumpeter had some incredible guitar solos and the stand-up bassist (bad ass Bridget Kearney) soloed so hard she accidentally fell into covering Van Halen’s “Jump.”

This band KILLS covers.  Others included Walking on Broken Glass (so goddamn good), Rich Girl, and I Want You Back. But there were more surprises!  Just as I was imagining what Rachel and I would name our third child together (I think we'll prefer boy names that sound like girls, Lindsay, Kelly etc, and girl names that sound like boys, Connor, Kyle etc) a stage hand ran out with some fancy looking microphone and the band gathered around it to play a couple songs acoustically.  Bass, Trumpet, Tambourine (drummer), and Rachel all pouring through the same mic.  The ensuing five minutes were dripping in intimacy.  I hope no one saw me crying.   

Favorite song(s): Clear a Space, Seventeen Add to the above that their banter in between songs was adorable and that Rachel’s dance moves made my knees wobbly, and Lake Street Dive put on a show worthy of writing home about.  

Fuck grade inflation, they get an A