LIVE! Review: Panama Wedding (Rough Trade 11/5/14)

11/10/2014 T4L 0 Comments

Coming off the release of their “Parallel Play” EP in June, Panama Wedding has been building a following for themselves on the interwebs with their euphoric, bouncing synth-pop tracks.  This one is begging to be remixed

I’ve found that electro-rock type sounds can sometimes be underwhelming when performed live, but that wasn’t the case with this group.  The band had bass, guitar, (synth) keys and drums thumping out their melodies as founder/singer/guitarist/pianist/floor-tom-thumpher Peter Kirk wooed the mic.  They even mixed in a couple of impressive key and guitar solos. 

Their in person sound lived up to the jam-standard set by my $15 headphones but the ENERGY level in the place wasn’t quite as high as I’d have liked it to be.  Maybe it was the hammered kid yelling in my ear or maybe the band was just tired that night but I never felt lost in a groove.  The most probable cause: this was my first sober concert since Obama’s opening term, so I might have been unfairly predisposed to not being too excited.  
Overall it was a ticket well-purchased. Definitely catch this NYC-based group if you get the chance.   

My favorite song: “Uma.”  If I ever meet a girl named Uma I plan on singing this to her incessantly.

(This isn’t your grade-inflated undergrad scale, a C is truly average here)