MNEK- The Rhythm

11/24/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Remember wayyyy back in April when we posted about MNEK and told you that his sultry R&B vocals and trendy haircut (which we here at T4L call the amry-man-turned-hipster 'do) would make him someone to look out for later and "The Rhythm" fucking proves it. With a summer and fall dominated by female vocalists (Iggy, Ryn Weaver, BANKS, Tove Lo, Zella Day, Elephante, Brika, I literally could reach my mid-life crisis b4 finishing this list so imma just stop now... no one wants music suggestions from a 45-yr-old), MNEK's smooth, male vocals are a refreshing breathe of air. What starts out as an electronic slow-jam supported by layers of sinster-synth transforms into a snaps-and-marching-band-accompanied dance ditty that will have you up and feeling the rhythm in no time. TBH, the drop, with its unoriginal female-riffing, is weak and leaves you wanting more, but the chorus and bridge MORE than make up for that. Overall, solid track and you won't feel as #basic as you do when you listen to TaySwift or any of those cookie-cutter-hipster, frail-yet-stunning female vocalists I mentioned earlier.