Nao - So Good (ft. A.k Paul) & Good Girl

11/30/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Nao's got the Kanye diva act down pat already . NO PICS BITCHES. Or maybe she's trying to show us she has large hands. Or warn us that a car will hit us if we come closer. Who's to say. What I can say for certain is that on Nao's new songs "Good Girl" and "So Good" she is serving major 90s goodness. I am being reminded of Paula Abdul on the first one. If Paula Abdul didn't speak gibberish in her songs. Painkillers are bad yallll. Some more thing about this song: a google search revealed to me "So Good" was produced by A.K. Paul. Tunes 4 Loons you might ask, Who is AK Paul!? Well dummies, he is none other than the brother of Jai Paul, one of the greatest mysterious producers in the UK. In the last 7 years, the man has released 2 songs. BTSU & Jasmine. Look them up. So the fact that this was made by his brother makes me feel like we are with Jai Paul himself in a Kevin Bacon type way. Actually tbh the production on this sounds pretty janky, but the 90s didn't even have Apple tV, so perhaps he was staying true to the time period. Buy her EP.