Royal - Round 2 (ft. Desktop)

11/30/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

No your computer is not malfunctioning: that is the album artwork for this song. I guess this is what we can expect from someone who voluntarily names himself Desktop. Like hello sir, You can't go around picking random objects as your stage name. "Wassup New York, we're Waffle Iron!! Have a good night!!" No. Still, this song is pretty good, albeit in a Sammy Adams type way. Mainly Desktop sings 'You ready for round 1 , I'm ready for Round 2" over and over again, and uses phrases such as "we was chillin" It's not James Blake, but I'm not trying to groove to Retrograde when I be pregaming. What a depressing scene that would be. Royal is actually a producer so I assume the rest of his music sounds different from this. I guess I should just go look it up instead of speculating about it here. I also like that this song just cuts off at the end. Like who really wants to listen to 20 more seconds of a song after they stop singing!? NO ONE THAT'S WHO! Rock on Royal.