Schoolboy Q & Kendrick Lamar - Blessed (Nightizm Remix)

11/10/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Been sitting on this one for a minute, but I honestly couldn't tell you why. It is the embodiment of DGAFn* and good vibes, i.e. "feelin blessed, my n*gga!!" Kendrick's verse is just... yess. I think it's all in his delivery. Like he raps about gangster things but in a way that makes suburban white girls like me be like "yeahhh I feel you, K!" Like I think Kendrick would def agree to smoke blunts with me (Obvi after I begged), but Eminem on the other hand, he'd probably just spit in my Starbucks. Moral of the story, although this track is explicitly not addressed to white girls in SUVs, I feel relatively little shame in ignoring that fact, as should you and whatever reason it's politically incorrect for you to imagine Mr. Lamar as your celeb bff.

As for Nightizm's addition- I'm usually peeved by any intro exceeding 30 seconds but this one (clocking in at approximately 2 min) is surprisingly dope. Compared to the original track, this rework adds some complexity/energy to a simple beat and basically just keeps you from getting bored. So shake off those Monday blues and stay blessed, y'all.

*translation: not giving a fuck.