The Hood Internet- Backseat Shakeoff (Taylor Swift Remix)

11/14/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

DROP EVERYTHING YOU'RE DOING RN AND LISTEN TO THIS. It is a treat that The Hood Internet has blessed us with on this cold, SNOWY (fml), bleak friday morning and it would be disrespectful to not give it a listen. Also it fucking rocks. I am official team kendrick (idk what the other team even is/ would be, but doesn't matter, this song has me sold that kendrick lamar is KEWL (said in Cartman voice le duh)). All hail the hacker who leaked this song early. However, fellow loons, because it was leaked, you have no idea how difficult it was for me to find the song. It wasn't on HypeM (nvr a good sign) and the Soundcloud had been uploaded and then deleted already. Yaqui, Stereogum and Indie Shuffle all had broken links. My hipster-music sources were stretched thin! Then I went to this site called YouTube (the commonppls music source) and lo and behold the 2nd most popular website had it !! (SHOCKER... not rly. I was being snooty not checking there in the firstplace #musicsnob #atleastiadmitit). Kendrick's rhymes drip with flow and ease and it's layered over the catchiest song of 2k14 (yeah, I called a Taylor song number one. Call the hipster music blogger everywhere and have them shun me. IDC. I'll just shake it off, yah know?)