The Neighbourhood- #Icanteven (ft. French Montana)

11/24/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

The Neighbourhood is flawless from their killer collab choices (first Raury now French Montana? yes pLz!) to their first single "Sweater Weather" wayyyy back in 2k12 (hm, you were listening to it in 2014 and thought you were #tootrendy4words... well think again, asshole, that song is actually older than Blue Ivy). Weirdly, doesn't the chorus kind of #Ican'teven sound like a remix of an early-2000's Backstreet Boys song or is that just me? I can only imagine the accompanying music video to would be Nick Carter and his frosted-tips singing over emotionally to the camera. Also i can't even with the title (betcha saw that pun coming); it's sarcastic and sas$y AF which, if you hadn't noticed by now, t4l LOVES. The Neighbourhood's newest mixtape, #000000 and #FFFFFF (shoutout to my CompSci-ers who knows what that means #nerdalert) drops November 27th, aka Thanksgiving aka you can rock out to The Neighbourhood's electro-alternative tunes with your Grandma and 5-yr old cousins FTW. My one complaint: the random seagull noises at the end, which also appeared in "sweater Weather'.... srsly, what is your obsession with the ocena-pigeon (i believe that's the seagull's scientific name, right?)