Hayley Kiyoko - This Side Of Paradise

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Fun facts: Hayley Kiyoko is also an actress, most famous for her recurring role on The Fosters as a reformed cyber bully. What an amazing resume. Part indie songstress, part ABC Family villain. Knowing this about her, I was shocked at how good her song is. Not that child actors are incapable of producing worthwhile music, but let's just be glad this effort went more the way of Ariana Grande rather than Abigail Breslin*** "This Side of Paradise" starts off as a casual non-memorable jam, and eventually movies into a veryyy catchy chorus. Her vocals aren't stellar, but the lyrics and production are interesting. There's lots of clapping. Kind of Grey's Anatomy-ish. Her EP of the same name comes out in Feb. so maybe check it out. Although she has 200K followers on Twitter (....what)so I guess she doesn't need promo assistance form T4L.

**Yes Little Miss Sunshine has released music. Her song is called "You Suck"....and apparently it's about someone in the band 5 Seconds of Summer. You have been warned.  

Peking Duck - High (ft. Nicole Millar)

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I'm sad these guys are not more famous, because I feel like Will Ferrell would do an excellent job impersonating them. It would also have to be 1999 in order for SNL to possess Will Ferrell, so there are a lot of elements to this wish that are unrealistic. O well. In "High" the Australian duo known as Peking Duck churn out more "electronic w a casual bass drop" vibes. Pretty similar to Flume. Nicole Millar proves to be an excellent partner for these clowns. (I'm sorry but if you wear matching red leather jackets that is what I am going to label you as). Her voice is well suited to their production: kind of growl-y and melancholy at the same time. This is also a weird thing to comment on, but I feel like there is a good singing to instrumental ratio happening here. Just when you miss Mz. Milla, she returns. Wrd.

Bondax - Dusk Funk

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Mark my words, the music buzzword of 2015 is going to be funk. First we had Uptown Funk. Now we have this. And prob at least 4 other songs will have that word in the title this year. Practically a revolution. And the thing is, I'm not sure any of these people really understand what funk is. I mean I don't really, but I'm pretty sure this Bondax song is straight electro dance music. Not a trace of Jackson 5 to be found. Ok maybe like 7% funk. But I bring that much funk to my shower singing and this does not make me a disco star people. This doesn't mean it is a bad song. Just misguided marketing. Regardless, "Dusk Funk" brings that partaaaayyy. I feel like they haven't released a bad song yet. And they are v prolific. Although I have objections to the fact there is no girl singer credited on this track. Or any of the Bondax songs for that matter. I'm srsly doubting either of those boys provided these vocals. If they did...excellent gender bending boys. Rhye would be proud.

bonobo - Return to Air

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This song makes me feel like I am in the rainforest. You could literally put it on before you go to bed if beachy wave noises or light thunderstorm don't do it for you. It's 5 minutes of weird landscapey electro, and it is glorious. The last song to be released off Bonobo's latest EP Flashlight. I kind of said it already,** but I like that you get a whole landscape in this man's music. Like, when I turn it on I feel like I am listening to a million frogs and salamanders serenade me in the Amazon. I would walk around with a flashlight on the dusky forest floor and my tree friends would greet me. Until a python slithers out and strangles me. Jk Bonobo would nvr let that happen to me. Unless the acid turns on me. ^^ Then all bets are off. I've never been a super fan (Tycho is better bitches), but occasionally Simon Greene (yes really) releases something v good. This is v good. Enjoy.

**How else am I going to write 10 lines about a song with no words in it

^^ JK drugs are bad don't do them

VOYAGEUR - Rollercoaster Ride

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Shockingly, this is not Vampire Weekend. It is Vampire Weekend if they were British and interested in ska instead of tennis whites and the Hamptons. "Rollercoaster Ride" is the first I have heard of Voyageur, who is sooo fancy that he uses the French spelling of Voyager. Which, jokes on you Traveler Man, because there is a band from Birmingham, Alabama who spells their name the same way and I almost used their pic here. (And they were fatter. Not good for your image mister. Although that photo above is how you choose to present yourself, so I think we are working with baseline image management to begin with). Anyways, this song is pretty interesting for a first effort. Like I said, there is a ska vibe running through this. Mid tempo catchy.  I like these lines : "I used to be so scared of heights / I used to love in black and white." Look out for him in 2 0 1 5!

**VOYAGEUR himself has emailed t4L telling us he has removed the song from soundcloud but will let us know when he reposts it. Stay tuned yah loons!

Borgeous & Shaun Frank - This Could Be Love (ft. Delaney Jane)

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That bear is what nightmares are made of. Right down to the fucking creepy eyelashes. Seriously I feel like there could have been a Skins episode where Effy takes too many drugs and thinks that bear is following her around a nightclub. I would watch that. Aside from the questionable artwork, Borgeous and Shaun Frank have crafted an excellent chipmunk dance tune. Just in time for the ball dropping! Particularly I feel this song could soundtrack Taylor Swift's New Years. "Close your eyes / I don't wanna be alone tonight / I'm not afraid / This could be love " Imagine young Swifty on the prowl as she searches for her next victim. I would like nothing more than to be a fly on the wall at whatever New Years Party she's at. I feel like she would get drunk and keep putting Welcome to New York on. And everyone else would b like not again Taylor we just wanna listen to Uptown Funk. Look at that, I hijacked my own post. Well listen to the song , I like it. T4L out.

Favela - Gong

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I don't think that pic represents Favela himself, but it matches with the song vibes so I'm using it. General warning: "Gong" is not a New Years banger. Maybe if you are at a spa in the Bahamas. If you are in the freezing cold drinking vodka to stay warm, maybe turn on some Jason de Rulo. This song is really pleasant though. It is the first track Favela has released since "Easy Yoke" last year, and they are pretty similar. Echo-y vocals, some harp, steady drum beat. Basically I feel like I am floating in a tropical ocean when I hear it. The fact that I can't understand anything he's singing practically makes me feel like I am underwater. Who doesn't like that !? Unless you come up and there's water stuck in your ears. Downer for sure.

Only Real - Y E S T E R D A Y S

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Holy (late) 90s. I realize I say this a lot, but it is mostly in reference to Janet Jackson-esque pop and shitty production. This song is a TBT to some amazing weird alt rock. VERY Beck. And maybe some New Radicals? New Radicals did that thing where they listed a bunch of random things off and made them rhyme, and I feel that is being replicated here. Case in point: "Wake n cruise / Vacant clues / Shaking shoes." Or maybe Only Real is the doppelganger of Blind Melon? Sublime? None of those exactly, but listen and hopefully you will understand the vibes I mean. There's a lot of talky lyrics that I would not classify as rap. There is also a sunny chorus that makes me wish I was 9 and Rocket Power was still on.  Also that pic. Where can I find this boy!?!? I want him to be my friend. I'm willing to bet $800 he is British. And I'm poor so 800 bux is a small fortune to me. The point is , listen to this and pretend it's summer.

Miguel - Coffee

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Miguel is baaaaack. Pretty sure we haven't heard from him since the Girls soundtrack contribution. Which wasn't that long ago but my memory is Dory status so it feels like 1 million years. To give you a better idea of this, Nelly Furtado's career might as well have not happened to me. Anywaysss, "Coffee" is the new jam, and it's predictably smooth. The vocals are seductive to the point where I feel uncomfortable with myself. And that is really saying something, because I'm pretty sure all Miguel is doing is sing the story of his weekend. Literally it is the list of things he did on Friday. Exhibit A: "Gunplay turns into pillow talk / Pillow talk turns into sweet dreams / Sweet dreams turn into coffee in the morning" So from this we know Miguel was potentially involved in a drive-by, but he made up w his aggressors and ultimately they had a fun slumby complete w brunch in the AM. If my Friday night was chronicled in a song , it would b like, "Vodkaaaa turns into vommin / Vommin turns into nommin / Nommin turns into REGRET" Sorry that was dumb. But tru. Luvu Miguel.

WILDE - Hanging Tree (Are You?) (Hunger Games cover)

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I have been having a debate with myself for awhile regarding possible reasons for the success of this (honestly) creepy song. And I concluded this: a song called HANGING TREE ended up a top Billboard hit because of the sheer star power of Jennifer Lawrence. I mean come on. This girl went on talk shows yelling that she is tone deaf.  People love her so much it only made sense that she would end up a semi-pop star. Ultimately the point of laying this argument out is to say that hearing this cover proved me wrong about the song. When not sung by J Law, it is still enjoyable. Wilde slowwwwed things down in a dreamy fashion, and also I'm pretty sure added their own lyrics. In fact, the only reason I recognize it is because no songs have the word "hanging" in them. Maybe death metal bands but tbh I am not familiar with their content. Anyways, the point is their take is fresh and worth listening to. Also Wilde I applaud you on the massive power play of covering this. Guaranteed attention! Got mine anyway.

GRRL PAL - Paradise

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Happy Xmas to my fellow Loons!! I hope you are drinking yourself into oblivion to combat the excess time w your crazy relatives. To brighten your day, I present to you...electronic xmas carols? Jk. Until Tiesto drops his "Home for the Holidaze" album, we will have to settle for Frank Sinatra. So this is just regular chipmunk electro. On the weirdo scale, I would say GRRL PAL is past CHVRCHES but before Grimes. There are floaty distorted girl vocals and wompy synths. It's poppy but not something you would play if your mom was in the car. Or maybe you have a cool mom I don't know u. Regardless, it's an eccentric jam. Also the lyrics are baffling me. That girl says, "Paradise is what we don't need." .....said no one ever.

Modest Mouse - Lampshades On Fire

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Modest Mouse was important to my indie awakening. When I say that, I mean I watched the O.C. as a 12yr old and it helped me realize there was other music besides the Backstreet Boys. It wasn't so much that I liked the music itself, I more enjoyed how amazingly it complemented the scene. Who could forget when Ryan succesfully made out w Maris on NYE? (Dice). When he carried her lifeless body from the wreckage of her fiery crash w Volchek?*** (Hallelujah). Or most importantly...MMMM WHATCHA SAYYY. I can't actually remember if Modest Mouse was in the O.C, but it feels like it was. Their newest offering "Lampshades on Fire" is straight out of 2005. This is by no means a bad thing. It's an amazing song. But fundamentally it sounds like any other Modest Mouse song. As soon as I heard it I feel like I heard it 1 million years ago. Kind of like Coldplay. My middle school indie bands nvr let me down yall.

**the hottest cast member. evr. Ryan Atwood was lame compared to him tbh


Snoh - Bad Things (ft. Common)

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Snoh kind of looks like Amy Winehouse decided to dress like Lana Del Rey instead of a homeless crackhead. She sounds a little bit similar as well. In "Bad Things" the L.A based non-Amy Winehouse sings about drinking enough water, running marathons, and sleeping a lot. Jk fools, those things are boring as fuck and thus are not bad for you. Instead, Snoh sings about a vairety of ambiguous things that I find applicable in my own life. Take her lyrics, "I get so sad on myself , when I do what's bad for my health". Hello, welcome to my headspace after eating an entire box of Annie's cheddar bunnies. Or Example B: "Why do I feel so free when I'm killin me" This could also be called: me flailing on the dance floor after 7 tequila shots. Also idk what "I'm in a nightmare havin a dream" means, but I like it. Basically, Snoh seems crazy and possesses an excellent soulful voice while also rendering dece lyrics. I'm not sure what Common's contribution is to this besides literally 2 lines of rap, but I love "Be (intro)" so I guess I dig his presence.

BEARSON- Pink Medicine

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UGgGhHh. So i told myself I would chill on posting electronic music for a little bit and post more indie shit (more pleasin' to the older ears, yah know?) BUT, when a song is quickly climbing the HypeM charts and is chill AF, as this one is, I can't help but blog it. This is a purrrrfect example of how awesome experimental electronic music can be (remember Branchez' remix of What So Not's "High You Are"????). This is BEARSON's first ever solo track and (shockerr) BEARSON is not his Christian name. It is Jakob Bjørn-Hansen which as got to be the most Norwegian name out there (plot twist: Nico & Vinz are also from Norway... I would have guessed like Portland tbh #worstmusicbloggerever). Also, the name has me seriously puzzled: did Jakob write this whilest attempting to robotrip on Pepto Bismol? Or did he just have indigestion problems and was craving America's number #1 solution? The world may nvr know.

Sounds Like: Branchez, Phantogram, MGMT (the distorted angelic vocals kinda sound like the electronic twangs of "Time to Pretend", no?), Maribou State (see Tongue <-- warning: pre-2014 T4L stuff right here... it's shitty. Don't say I didn't (say I didn't) warn yahhhh*)

*Yeah, that T Swift worked in there oh too nicely

Brika- Mumbai

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Some people think pop music is becoming vapid AF but I say fuck 'em. Brika had me at the chipmunk-y background vocals going "ay-ee-ay-ee-ayyyyyyyyyy". Sure they mean ABSOLUTELY nothing, but they have me singing along like a yippy chihuahua. "Mumbai" is one 4-minute exotic experience from it's first ominous guitar lick to the fading-out of Brika's vocals, which are perfection as usual. This song sounds like a Caribbean-Arabian love-child (IRL, if that child existed, he/she would be a bi-racial beaut #jealous #IrishandIrish) The amazing production style and over-all jive-y nature of this track leaves me with just one lingering question: what da fuq is a girl this talented doing in Miami??? Sure Will Smith sang about it but that was in 1998 and that was the LAST time Miami has ever been remotely relevant in the music industry. Maybe homegirl's secretly tanorexic. Or a eastern-European immigrant. Both acceptable reasons to choose dwell in America's most miserable city*. Brika's new album drops in t-minus 4 days so r̶u̶n̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶n̶e̶a̶r̶e̶s̶t̶ ̶F̶Y̶E̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶p̶i̶c̶k̶ ̶u̶p̶ ̶a̶ ̶c̶o̶p̶y̶  get ready to illegally YouTubetoMP3 this ish.

Sounds Like: BANKS, Ella Eyre

*You may think I'm being harsh but Forbes agrees with me. It doesn't even snow there and yet it still tops the list #SMH

Maiday - Wish You'd Met Me First

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Somewhere one of the famous pop divas is crying that they didn't snag this song. For it contains all the elements of an amazing ballad. They are as follows:

1. Heartbreak. On this song, Maiday sings about none other than duh, a boy. Who TRAGICALLY met some other bitch before her, and thus he can never be her lobster.

2. Slow build up. I thought this song was going to be a slow burning electronic thing until about 35 seconds in, then BAM Maiday brings pipe action. Not Whitney status, but def better than Swifty. Blu Cantrell-esque. Remember Hit Em Up Style?! Ugh I miss B.C.

3. Harp! Jk this isn't really a staple of ballads, but I'm digging it.

Bonus Points: Lyrical realness. I'm being serious. Most of these songs have like 5 different types of lyrics, all of which say I love you why did you leave me blah blah bleeding loveeeee (literally hate that song so much. I couldn't tell you why). But here, Maiday gives it to us straight. There is a line that says, "I have to hug you when you say / You're having your first kid" HOLY DAGGER TO MY HEART. That definitely happens to people. Probably Jennifer Aniston had to do that to Brangelina. Jk she would have exploded in flames before she did that. But the point is, Maiday's description of unrequited love is more effective than Leona Lewis' stupid song. Not sorry. 

LIVE! Review: tUnE-yArDs (MHOW 12/4/14)

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Fresh back from touring her 2014 album “nikki nack” in Europe, Merrill Garbus and her tUnE-yArDs did not disappoint.  During the first of a four night attack on Williamsburg, Garbus and her crew put on just the spectacle you’d imagine their music would require. 

The stage decorations and costumes appeared to be designed by Maurice Sendak’s(RIP) mushroom-tripping ghost.  Randomly placed felt eyes and fangs all hung from a bright magenta curtain behind the band.  Garbus’s pair of backup singers looked like they were trying to seduce Satan. Between the Frida Khalo unibrow on one, the seance-like dance moves of the two, and the actual nonsensical noises that they sing, it was clear that they have the most fun job in the entire world.  Garbus’s own outfit was a leather and sequin coat of armor.  I heard someone say she looks “like Lena Dunham in 20 years” (whatever the fuck that means), regardless, she was rockin it. 

The bizarre stage decorations and outfits did two things.  First, they made me thankful I wasn’t even a little bit high or I’d have been terrified, and more importantly, complimented the bands’ own eccentric sound.  If you haven’t listened yet, be warned that its something different.  The frequent tempo-changes and Merrill’s sing-speaking can be jarring at first listen, and if you are addicted to falling into a 4/4 pop rhythm (looking at you JB), you might even say it can be abrasive.

Garbus and bassist Nate Brenner are the only permanently credited band members, but the crew featured a drummer, the two backup witches, and a pair of saxophones that would occasionally pop on and off the stage.  Garbus loves to loop ukulele lines over wood-block-heavy percussion before she gets going on the mic.  Brenner rocked the coolest Hawaiian shirt while he spanked out bass-lines of differing intensities and one dopppppe UFO themed synth solo.  The two saxes went nuts on perhaps the most anticipated track of the night “bizness.”   

Favorite Tracks: Real Thing, Bizness 

Though I’m a sucker for a pop song,I really enjoyed the performance that Merill and Co. put on.  During “Interlude: Why do we dine on the tots?,” (Inspired by Jonathan Swift’s a Modest Proposal (shoutout to ma english majors)),  Merill narrated while the two backup wildthings acted out a skit.  tUnE-yArDs really is as much a show as it is a concert.  If you’re looking for Something to do this weekend be sure to check them out. 
Hats off to the (B)and.

#1 Dads - So Soldier (ft. Ainslie Wills)

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From the 3 minutes of googling I just did, I've concluded #1 Dads (I'm too baffled to even comment on that) is an Aussie dude named Tom Lansek. His music is really good***, and I am sad that I had never heard about him before. It's very low key. Like SOHN sort of. Basically he makes Coldplay look like Skrillex so if you're looking for rage music MOVE ALONG. This song is from his newest album About Face, and because it features a girl singer it sounds like nothing I just described. Sry for being misleading."So Soldier" has very similar production to War on Drugs. And Ainslie Wills is serving up pure 90s singer songwriter vibes. I think this song could have been in Dawson's Creek. Actually I never watched Dawson's Creek but that feels right. What I'm trying to say is that I feel sad in a good way when I listen to this. Probably it's about a dude w PTSD from battle so I think that is the point. Thank you for the many feels #1 Dads. 

***when I say that I mean I listened to the 2 most popular songs, both of which featured other artists. Ewps. I obviously know what I'm talking about.

Say Lou Lou - Everything We Touch (Mickey Valen remix)

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Say Lou Lou has a wiki page, and it has confirmed every stereotype you might arrive at by looking at that photo. Yes, Say Lou Lou is made up of model twin sisters! Yes they are Swedish! They have an Australian musician dad! More facts, one of them is named Miranda and the other one is named Electra. So I can only infer their parents wanted to raise both a librarian and a porn star. Also they are my age. Ugh. Really though, my judgment is 80% jealousy, because these ladies are pretty legit. Their cover of Instant Crush is stellar. And I think Julian Casablancas is basically untouchable, so that is high praise. Everything We Touch is their newest single (of MAY 2014 sry we are late to the party), and it brings the same laidback pop vibes as their other material. V catchy and has lyrical content about being glittery and high. I can't hate. Even though I posted a remix, they basically sound the same. To the point where now I'm not really sure why I am giving Mickey Valen any credit. Maybe he added some house piano? Remixes make me cooler right guys !??!

Felix Jaehn- I Do

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Ugh, remember when the first episode of Friends aired and we met  6 people who would soon become our besties?!? Well Felix Jaehn doesn't cause he was fucking born in 1994. He wasn't even alive during Double Dare (#tbt to when we were brainwashed into thinking Marc Summers' goofy face was attractive... we at T4L call this the Joey-Gladstone effect. It dominated much of the early 90's). I also hate how Jaehn talks on his website like he's fucking Jimmy from Seinfeld (rly into the 90's today). Like rul douchey and in the third-person (although, to be fair, if you talk in the third person, ur ALWAYS gonna sound like a douche). Direct quote: "The sky's the limit for Felix Jaehn"... god, use a couple 1st person pronouns and some modesty every once in a while why don't yah. 

As much as I love hating on a kid whose 2 years younger than me, other than his age, which he can't really control, I have no complaints. He produces hit single after hit single and his sampling choices are always spot on. It would be nice to see him use some male vocals in a track but, I guess, why fix what's broken. "I Do" is probably his most radio-friendly, pop-centric tune to date and only further the notion that his EP, Shine (out December 8th) is gonna............. SHINE (u know I had to do that #punny)

Sounds Like: Clean Bandit, Luxx

Jon Bellion- Human

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If you clicked play and were IMMEDIATELY reminded of Rihanna's "Monster", there's a reason! (also, who r u that this reminds you of pop culture's newest silver fox?). But fun fact of the day: Jon Bellion WROTE Monster ("oooooh, i thought that was RiRi writing from her heart about the whole C-Breezy thangg"......... half of u just thought that. S-M-H.)

Although originally a pop-writer, Bellion's newest project, "Human", is actually some pretty fucked up shit. It's a haunting track that is a cold slap of truth for any twenty-something out there. Like he says shit like “See I got GPS on my phone, and I can follow it to get home. If my location’s never unknown, then tell me why I still feel lost". Uhhhhhhhh, woah #deep #preach #mindblown. If you get past the poppi-ness (yet amazingness) of his Adam-Levine vocals, it's actually got some pretty quirky production choices and is a absolute anthemic ballad for post-grads everywhere. ALSO, I almost forgot, hipsters: do you think he sounds too mainstream? well, LOOK AT HIS BEARD! do u like him now? 

 Sounds Like: fun., Alvin and the chipmunks (u know the part i'm talking about)

Nicki Minaj - Bed of Lies (ft. Skylar Grey)

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Nicki Minaj is interesting in that I am not actually sure if she is talented or not. Not performance wise. Yes, she is an amazing rapper. And also can sing. But besides "Super-Bass," does she really have any songs that are super standout? No Starships does not count. I feel like she rocked on Monster (Kanye song), Bang Bang (probably Ariana Grande's song let's be honest), Turn Me On (no I will not apologize for this, also NOT her song), and of course, Bed Rock. Nicki has authored none of these. She just showed up. So I am inclined to believe Skylar Grey should take most of the credit for this. I mean have you heard Coming Home ?! Legitimately a masterpiece, and u bitches best be sure Diddy wasn't the creative master there. On "Bed of Lies," Sklar G. provides an excellent and moody hook, and her laid back vibes benefit Nicki. Finally, a song where there aren't 7 different Nicki's, at least two of whom are threatening to light someone on fire. Please let this partnership continue.

Ryan Hemsworth - Snow In Newark (ft. Dawn Golden)

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I have never cared about Ryan Hemsworth until right now. And even this song crept up on me slowly till I realized I was OBSESSED. Snow in Newark is the latest effort from the most low key producer out there. (Although when your competition is the "maybe-scared-Kesha-into-an-eating-disorder Dr. Luke" and "It's-not-rape-if-she's-unconscious" Cee Lo, the bar is low). This is a greattt slowburner for hangin out boppin around. I also would like to compliment Mr.-Adrian-Grenier-lookalike-2014 on his seasonally accurate  appropriate track. For real this song feels like it's snowing on me. Like in a twinkly quiet silent night way. Too many adjectives sry. Props also for the xylophone(s?). I tried to be calm and learn that shit in 4th grade music class, but instead I grew impatient and banged on it for 40 minutes. Every time. So long story short, keep doing you Vinny Chase, you ARE queen's boulevard.  

Marian Hill- Lips

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Marian Hill (who, in the photo, depicts the 17% of times the bend-and-snap goes awry) are making tsunami-sized waves right now (ok, mehbeh 1D creates tusnamis... but Marian Hill is still creating some sizable swells). "Lips" is only the duo's second single and already bloggers are awaiting the release of their EP more eagerly than I await the Homeland season 4 finale (Quinn 'n' Carrie 4ever #Brodywho?) Sure, listening to this kind of seems like you're watching Snow White on acid, but the production by Jeremey Lloyd is minimal yet effective and Gongol's voice is flawless (© Beyonce, 2k13)*  over the layers of jazz-inspired synth. IHeartMoosiq describes the track as an "R&B infused electro-pop ballad" which is accurate but also, like, when did we start describing the music like we describe tea? Infused? rLy? When did those two completely disparate worlds crossover? I blame the British and their mastery of both trendy music and hot, herbal beverages.

Sounds Like: AlunaGeorge, Brika (same style of instrumental minimalism and velvety vocals)

*not sure if Beyonce has merely artistic or also legal ownership of the adjective "flawless" so I threw the copyright in there. Better safe than sry.

Catey Shaw- Cuddle Up

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New C-Shaw is here !! (ew. "C-shaw"... nvr saying that again. Sounds like Sean Connery trying to say "see saw") AND it's a Christmas song (you know, the music u love to h8) aptly titled "Cuddle Up". This song is AMAZING and SOOOOOoooOOOoOoOo GOOD and has the perfect poppy backbeat*. It's like if Fergie and Jesus made a Christmas single. Like actually, have had it on repeat all day (b/c today is the 1st day acceptable to listen to X-mas music). T4L's number one fave artist (yeah, we're subjective, who isn't?) will be performing this little ditty at the Bryant Park Tree Lighting so go and CHEER HER ON!! Tunes4loons-team asssssemble!!

*U probably wonder if i'm on some serious uppers right now, thinking that was the most over-the-top post. Well, I have my reasons. Betcha can't wait to listen to the song that caused such enthusiastic words of praise, riiight?! Well, TOO BAD, fuckers. The only way you can listen to it is to BUY it (I know, what is this, 2005?). So go do that pronto, or just be left in the dark, constantly wondering why this song sparked such a positive review (little mind trick I learned in Intro to Psychology #shiteveryonetakes)

P.S. MUCH THX to Catey who, despite her rising pop-star status, spent 5 minutes just helping out a black-out blogger who couldn't put her own shoes on at her b-day party. (spoiler alert: that blogger was me #ewps #srymom).

Buy it here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/cuddle-up-single/id945110700