bonobo - Return to Air

12/31/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

This song makes me feel like I am in the rainforest. You could literally put it on before you go to bed if beachy wave noises or light thunderstorm don't do it for you. It's 5 minutes of weird landscapey electro, and it is glorious. The last song to be released off Bonobo's latest EP Flashlight. I kind of said it already,** but I like that you get a whole landscape in this man's music. Like, when I turn it on I feel like I am listening to a million frogs and salamanders serenade me in the Amazon. I would walk around with a flashlight on the dusky forest floor and my tree friends would greet me. Until a python slithers out and strangles me. Jk Bonobo would nvr let that happen to me. Unless the acid turns on me. ^^ Then all bets are off. I've never been a super fan (Tycho is better bitches), but occasionally Simon Greene (yes really) releases something v good. This is v good. Enjoy.

**How else am I going to write 10 lines about a song with no words in it

^^ JK drugs are bad don't do them