Catey Shaw- Cuddle Up

12/01/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

New C-Shaw is here !! (ew. "C-shaw"... nvr saying that again. Sounds like Sean Connery trying to say "see saw") AND it's a Christmas song (you know, the music u love to h8) aptly titled "Cuddle Up". This song is AMAZING and SOOOOOoooOOOoOoOo GOOD and has the perfect poppy backbeat*. It's like if Fergie and Jesus made a Christmas single. Like actually, have had it on repeat all day (b/c today is the 1st day acceptable to listen to X-mas music). T4L's number one fave artist (yeah, we're subjective, who isn't?) will be performing this little ditty at the Bryant Park Tree Lighting so go and CHEER HER ON!! Tunes4loons-team asssssemble!!

*U probably wonder if i'm on some serious uppers right now, thinking that was the most over-the-top post. Well, I have my reasons. Betcha can't wait to listen to the song that caused such enthusiastic words of praise, riiight?! Well, TOO BAD, fuckers. The only way you can listen to it is to BUY it (I know, what is this, 2005?). So go do that pronto, or just be left in the dark, constantly wondering why this song sparked such a positive review (little mind trick I learned in Intro to Psychology #shiteveryonetakes)

P.S. MUCH THX to Catey who, despite her rising pop-star status, spent 5 minutes just helping out a black-out blogger who couldn't put her own shoes on at her b-day party. (spoiler alert: that blogger was me #ewps #srymom).

Buy it here: