Favela - Gong

12/31/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I don't think that pic represents Favela himself, but it matches with the song vibes so I'm using it. General warning: "Gong" is not a New Years banger. Maybe if you are at a spa in the Bahamas. If you are in the freezing cold drinking vodka to stay warm, maybe turn on some Jason de Rulo. This song is really pleasant though. It is the first track Favela has released since "Easy Yoke" last year, and they are pretty similar. Echo-y vocals, some harp, steady drum beat. Basically I feel like I am floating in a tropical ocean when I hear it. The fact that I can't understand anything he's singing practically makes me feel like I am underwater. Who doesn't like that !? Unless you come up and there's water stuck in your ears. Downer for sure.