Felix Jaehn- I Do

12/03/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Ugh, remember when the first episode of Friends aired and we met  6 people who would soon become our besties?!? Well Felix Jaehn doesn't cause he was fucking born in 1994. He wasn't even alive during Double Dare (#tbt to when we were brainwashed into thinking Marc Summers' goofy face was attractive... we at T4L call this the Joey-Gladstone effect. It dominated much of the early 90's). I also hate how Jaehn talks on his website like he's fucking Jimmy from Seinfeld (rly into the 90's today). Like rul douchey and in the third-person (although, to be fair, if you talk in the third person, ur ALWAYS gonna sound like a douche). Direct quote: "The sky's the limit for Felix Jaehn"... god, use a couple 1st person pronouns and some modesty every once in a while why don't yah. 

As much as I love hating on a kid whose 2 years younger than me, other than his age, which he can't really control, I have no complaints. He produces hit single after hit single and his sampling choices are always spot on. It would be nice to see him use some male vocals in a track but, I guess, why fix what's broken. "I Do" is probably his most radio-friendly, pop-centric tune to date and only further the notion that his EP, Shine (out December 8th) is gonna............. SHINE (u know I had to do that #punny)

Sounds Like: Clean Bandit, Luxx