GRRL PAL - Paradise

12/25/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Happy Xmas to my fellow Loons!! I hope you are drinking yourself into oblivion to combat the excess time w your crazy relatives. To brighten your day, I present to you...electronic xmas carols? Jk. Until Tiesto drops his "Home for the Holidaze" album, we will have to settle for Frank Sinatra. So this is just regular chipmunk electro. On the weirdo scale, I would say GRRL PAL is past CHVRCHES but before Grimes. There are floaty distorted girl vocals and wompy synths. It's poppy but not something you would play if your mom was in the car. Or maybe you have a cool mom I don't know u. Regardless, it's an eccentric jam. Also the lyrics are baffling me. That girl says, "Paradise is what we don't need." .....said no one ever.