Jon Bellion- Human

12/03/2014 tunes4loons 0 Comments

If you clicked play and were IMMEDIATELY reminded of Rihanna's "Monster", there's a reason! (also, who r u that this reminds you of pop culture's newest silver fox?). But fun fact of the day: Jon Bellion WROTE Monster ("oooooh, i thought that was RiRi writing from her heart about the whole C-Breezy thangg"......... half of u just thought that. S-M-H.)

Although originally a pop-writer, Bellion's newest project, "Human", is actually some pretty fucked up shit. It's a haunting track that is a cold slap of truth for any twenty-something out there. Like he says shit like “See I got GPS on my phone, and I can follow it to get home. If my location’s never unknown, then tell me why I still feel lost". Uhhhhhhhh, woah #deep #preach #mindblown. If you get past the poppi-ness (yet amazingness) of his Adam-Levine vocals, it's actually got some pretty quirky production choices and is a absolute anthemic ballad for post-grads everywhere. ALSO, I almost forgot, hipsters: do you think he sounds too mainstream? well, LOOK AT HIS BEARD! do u like him now? 

 Sounds Like: fun., Alvin and the chipmunks (u know the part i'm talking about)