Maiday - Wish You'd Met Me First

12/06/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Somewhere one of the famous pop divas is crying that they didn't snag this song. For it contains all the elements of an amazing ballad. They are as follows:

1. Heartbreak. On this song, Maiday sings about none other than duh, a boy. Who TRAGICALLY met some other bitch before her, and thus he can never be her lobster.

2. Slow build up. I thought this song was going to be a slow burning electronic thing until about 35 seconds in, then BAM Maiday brings pipe action. Not Whitney status, but def better than Swifty. Blu Cantrell-esque. Remember Hit Em Up Style?! Ugh I miss B.C.

3. Harp! Jk this isn't really a staple of ballads, but I'm digging it.

Bonus Points: Lyrical realness. I'm being serious. Most of these songs have like 5 different types of lyrics, all of which say I love you why did you leave me blah blah bleeding loveeeee (literally hate that song so much. I couldn't tell you why). But here, Maiday gives it to us straight. There is a line that says, "I have to hug you when you say / You're having your first kid" HOLY DAGGER TO MY HEART. That definitely happens to people. Probably Jennifer Aniston had to do that to Brangelina. Jk she would have exploded in flames before she did that. But the point is, Maiday's description of unrequited love is more effective than Leona Lewis' stupid song. Not sorry.