Only Real - Y E S T E R D A Y S

12/26/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Holy (late) 90s. I realize I say this a lot, but it is mostly in reference to Janet Jackson-esque pop and shitty production. This song is a TBT to some amazing weird alt rock. VERY Beck. And maybe some New Radicals? New Radicals did that thing where they listed a bunch of random things off and made them rhyme, and I feel that is being replicated here. Case in point: "Wake n cruise / Vacant clues / Shaking shoes." Or maybe Only Real is the doppelganger of Blind Melon? Sublime? None of those exactly, but listen and hopefully you will understand the vibes I mean. There's a lot of talky lyrics that I would not classify as rap. There is also a sunny chorus that makes me wish I was 9 and Rocket Power was still on.  Also that pic. Where can I find this boy!?!? I want him to be my friend. I'm willing to bet $800 he is British. And I'm poor so 800 bux is a small fortune to me. The point is , listen to this and pretend it's summer.