Ryan Hemsworth - Snow In Newark (ft. Dawn Golden)

12/03/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I have never cared about Ryan Hemsworth until right now. And even this song crept up on me slowly till I realized I was OBSESSED. Snow in Newark is the latest effort from the most low key producer out there. (Although when your competition is the "maybe-scared-Kesha-into-an-eating-disorder Dr. Luke" and "It's-not-rape-if-she's-unconscious" Cee Lo, the bar is low). This is a greattt slowburner for hangin out boppin around. I also would like to compliment Mr.-Adrian-Grenier-lookalike-2014 on his seasonally accurate  appropriate track. For real this song feels like it's snowing on me. Like in a twinkly quiet silent night way. Too many adjectives sry. Props also for the xylophone(s?). I tried to be calm and learn that shit in 4th grade music class, but instead I grew impatient and banged on it for 40 minutes. Every time. So long story short, keep doing you Vinny Chase, you ARE queen's boulevard.