Say Lou Lou - Everything We Touch (Mickey Valen remix)

12/03/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Say Lou Lou has a wiki page, and it has confirmed every stereotype you might arrive at by looking at that photo. Yes, Say Lou Lou is made up of model twin sisters! Yes they are Swedish! They have an Australian musician dad! More facts, one of them is named Miranda and the other one is named Electra. So I can only infer their parents wanted to raise both a librarian and a porn star. Also they are my age. Ugh. Really though, my judgment is 80% jealousy, because these ladies are pretty legit. Their cover of Instant Crush is stellar. And I think Julian Casablancas is basically untouchable, so that is high praise. Everything We Touch is their newest single (of MAY 2014 sry we are late to the party), and it brings the same laidback pop vibes as their other material. V catchy and has lyrical content about being glittery and high. I can't hate. Even though I posted a remix, they basically sound the same. To the point where now I'm not really sure why I am giving Mickey Valen any credit. Maybe he added some house piano? Remixes make me cooler right guys !??!