Snoh - Bad Things (ft. Common)

12/22/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Snoh kind of looks like Amy Winehouse decided to dress like Lana Del Rey instead of a homeless crackhead. She sounds a little bit similar as well. In "Bad Things" the L.A based non-Amy Winehouse sings about drinking enough water, running marathons, and sleeping a lot. Jk fools, those things are boring as fuck and thus are not bad for you. Instead, Snoh sings about a vairety of ambiguous things that I find applicable in my own life. Take her lyrics, "I get so sad on myself , when I do what's bad for my health". Hello, welcome to my headspace after eating an entire box of Annie's cheddar bunnies. Or Example B: "Why do I feel so free when I'm killin me" This could also be called: me flailing on the dance floor after 7 tequila shots. Also idk what "I'm in a nightmare havin a dream" means, but I like it. Basically, Snoh seems crazy and possesses an excellent soulful voice while also rendering dece lyrics. I'm not sure what Common's contribution is to this besides literally 2 lines of rap, but I love "Be (intro)" so I guess I dig his presence.