VOYAGEUR - Rollercoaster Ride

12/31/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Shockingly, this is not Vampire Weekend. It is Vampire Weekend if they were British and interested in ska instead of tennis whites and the Hamptons. "Rollercoaster Ride" is the first I have heard of Voyageur, who is sooo fancy that he uses the French spelling of Voyager. Which, jokes on you Traveler Man, because there is a band from Birmingham, Alabama who spells their name the same way and I almost used their pic here. (And they were fatter. Not good for your image mister. Although that photo above is how you choose to present yourself, so I think we are working with baseline image management to begin with). Anyways, this song is pretty interesting for a first effort. Like I said, there is a ska vibe running through this. Mid tempo catchy.  I like these lines : "I used to be so scared of heights / I used to love in black and white." Look out for him in 2 0 1 5!

**VOYAGEUR himself has emailed t4L telling us he has removed the song from soundcloud but will let us know when he reposts it. Stay tuned yah loons!