WILDE - Hanging Tree (Are You?) (Hunger Games cover)

12/26/2014 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

I have been having a debate with myself for awhile regarding possible reasons for the success of this (honestly) creepy song. And I concluded this: a song called HANGING TREE ended up a top Billboard hit because of the sheer star power of Jennifer Lawrence. I mean come on. This girl went on talk shows yelling that she is tone deaf.  People love her so much it only made sense that she would end up a semi-pop star. Ultimately the point of laying this argument out is to say that hearing this cover proved me wrong about the song. When not sung by J Law, it is still enjoyable. Wilde slowwwwed things down in a dreamy fashion, and also I'm pretty sure added their own lyrics. In fact, the only reason I recognize it is because no songs have the word "hanging" in them. Maybe death metal bands but tbh I am not familiar with their content. Anyways, the point is their take is fresh and worth listening to. Also Wilde I applaud you on the massive power play of covering this. Guaranteed attention! Got mine anyway.