Angus & Julia Stone- Grizzly Bear (Synapson Remix)

1/06/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Judging from the picture, he's just your average heavily-bearded hipster and she's that porcelain doll who came to life and chased you in that nightmare you had on Tuesday (srsly, that face she's making will haunt my soul until the day I die and "Concerning Hobbits" plays at my funeral*). Basically Angus and Julia are like BROODS on xanax, the only caviat being that BROODS is from NZ and the Stones' from Aussieland (yeah, they ARE separate countries folks!) Tbh, I feel rul stupid for not knowing about this duo before. Their music has been featured on litrchully a million T.V. shows including Skins (U.K version. I pretend the U.S. atrocity nvr happened), Grey's Anatomy, Revenge, Pretty Little Liars and, last but certainly not fucking least, One Tree Hill (#ChadMM4everrrr). The warm synth, harmonies and xylophone all combine to make this one of those tracks that brightens your spirit when you're feeling down about something (or coming down from something; if u didn't choose the drUg LyfE the dRug LYfe chose u). My one complaint: Angus has got some real serious ALT-J-sounding vocals going on.... aka Adam Sandler-sounding vocals (listen to "Something Good" and then  "Red Hooded Sweatshirt" one after the other and you'll understand. But also maybe don't do that because it will forever ruin your opinion of anyone who sings like the love child of Peewee Herman and Michael McDonald).

Sounds Likes: Rhye, The Tallest Man on Earth (the male vocalists sound uber similar)

*jk, my friend already called dibs on that being her funeral song. The only other song on her funeral playlist: Party in the U.S.A.. #theultimatecombo