Brenmar - Hula Hoop (ft. UniiQU3)

1/26/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Hi, welcome to the Harlem Shake of 2015. Much like Baauer, I had never heard of this DJ person. But low and behold, I clicked on the song, and now I cannot picture a world where I didn't know about Hula Hoop. It's very addicting. And strange enough where it's weirdly catchy. There are upbeat trumpet vibes. The following are the main conclusions I have come to since first listening to it 35 plays ago.

1.  The chorus will make you feel like you are at Zumba.

2. Honestly a vaguely more sexual Cha Cha slide.

3. Azaelia Banks is probably crying somewhere (or rather, plotting a self-proclaimed racist Twitter war) over the fact she's not on it.

4. I want to drink shots when I hear it.

Sometimes non-cookie cutter songs end up on the radio, and I think this could be one of them. Or at the very least become a mild Youtube sensation. Brenmar, plz don't let me down.