1/02/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

thanku to BROODS for providing me with my soon-to-be-overused acronym of 2k15 (last year it was SMH, le duh).  L.A.F., or loose-as-fuck, is literally too applicable for all those hot messes you know. Also it's a bitchy statement disguised in an acronym, which is always useful to have in your arsenal IMO. BROODS not only provides us a hilarious title, but the track itself is a hand-clapping, feel-good, pop-rock little ditty (went a little hyphen-crazy there sry). The anthemic chorus and off-tempo drums propel this track into  a more mainstream market than BROODS' past stuff and although it's not radio-material, you'll still see this NZ-duo popping up in the spotlight I'm sure. They're touring later this year with Sam Smith and if buying a ticket to that show doesn't perfectly epitomize the meaning of "killing 2 birds with 1 stone" then idk what does. Oh yeah, and did I mention BROODS is a set of siblings, Caleb and Georgia Nott?!? Yeah, they're brother-sister and yet can still collaborate well enough to create amazing music. The last time me and my sisters tried to collaborate on anything it ended in a lengthy grounding (we had staged the entire movie "Newsies" which basically just entailed us saying we were "on a strike" and trashing the living room while screaming "Seize the Day". EWPS. 10 yr olds r the weirdest.)

Sounds Like: London Grammar, Haim, Purity Ring