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Even though its been over a year since they released ANYTHING, COIN still proves they can produce infectious, fast-paced indie-pop gold. Wayyy back in the first month of this blog we reviewed their single "Time Machine" and THAT was their most recent track til this week's release of "Run" (fun fact: "Time Machine" was the 3rd song posted on t4L EVER!! tbh though, not gunna post a link cause the writing sucks balls #brutal #butTHEMOSTtrue. My writing from 2013 gives the impression I am struggling to write a formal, 5-paragraph essay, having just only recently moved to this country from my farming village in Azerbaijan. Seeing as I've been privately educated since I was 8 and am a 4th-generation American, I am uber embarrassed, thus the lack of link #srynotsry).

Although the beginning kind of gives me "Reptilla" vibes, the rest of the track is totally OG (minus the G obvi. These boys look about as gangster as I do). I really dig COIN's fusion of Bait-Shop-styled* indie-rock and contemporary synth. I mean, finding a rock song on t4L is almost as rare as finding an HBO show suitable for children. So you know this track will rock, both literally and in a more general sense. 

How these guys are a product of Nashville and not Cali I'll never know. But srsly, Nashville seems like where it's at. Not only do they have COIN, but ABC's Nashville films there so people are graced daily by the presence of the TV-Queen and Hair Extrodinaire: Connie Britton aka Tammy Taylor aka Rayna motherfucking James. I imagine she has an effervescent glow radiating off of her at all times. Like Jesus or Tinkerbell (<-- maybe the most un-p.c. thing I've ever said here but if ur cool with it, I am). My one complaint: COIN's philosophy is to create "swirly indie-pop music that makes you feel good" which is cool but also Phoebe Buffay has been living that philosophy since like '92, mkay? (idk which I like more rly, "Jingle Bitch" or "Run". And that is high praise for COIN right thur).  

P.S. for all u Hammy folks out there, do you seem a familiar face in the picture? Looks like Tron has gone Hollywood on us. Guess being forced by frat bros to listen to "Hollywood" by Penguin Prison on repeat will do that to yah (the RAC remix #fuckingduh).

*if you got that reference, u are the Coop to my Summ <3

Sounds Like: Phoenix, WE ARE TWIN, Two Door Cinema Club