Diet Cig- Scene Sick

1/29/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

This band DGAFs in a way I wish I could. Everything about "Scene Sick" seems effortless and spontaneous. I mean, they just cut off the song at 1:46! WTF is that about?!? My theory is that they wrote the verses and then got hungry. So they filled the chorus with a bunch of "I don't care" (rly writing from the heart there) and then just said "fuck it, let's make avocado toast now!" (just look at these hipster fucks. No way they don't eat avo on toast). This is the type of song that would play in some vintage-styled, youth-driven indie (think The Romantics or About Alex). Like right after everyone sleeps with everyone else's soul-mates and they are all pissed off, but yet, for some reason, still all sitting in the same room. This song would spontaneously play on the radio (furnished with 50's-styled knobs, of course #itisanindie) and slowly everyone would silently forgive each (only by means of overacted glances) and the whole group would end up on their feet dancing by the end. Problems solved, relationships strengthened and STDs probably gained, but who care's about that part! THE END (storyboard and plot copyright of Bridge Over Troubled Water Films*)

Sry, but don't get me started on films that star Adam Brody or Schimdt from "New Girl" unless you have 2 hours of time. Veering back from films to music (aka from an industry that actually makes money to one that pretends it does), I'm really digging everything about Diet Cig. Their name is sassy and has proper grammar so it already beats about 98.5% of band names out there. And their mid-2000's-alt-rock-with-a-female-lead dynamic makes them an anomaly on the hypeM charts of 2015. ALSO, they hail from upstate New York! Shoutout to all my people who have every suffered through a Upstate New York winter. We share a bond no others do (#-7daily).

*if I ever have a production company OR Maury-styled TV show, I can't help but use that name (i mean, it's the only pun for the name "Bridget" I've come up with in my 22 years of life. Choices were limited. It's not like my name's reality-T.V. ready)(*cough cough* Tila Tequila *cough cough*)