Eastside x Ed Sheeran x Chris Brown- Don't x Loyal (Leo Gordy Remix)

1/23/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Imma make this one quick because DJ Balderballs already raved about Eastside's raw original in 2k14. Leo Gordy (which I think is also the name of my 'rents accountant #lamestDJnameever #except4DJRetardVomit #heactuallyexists) ups the tempo and sends Chris Brown and Ed Sheeran on a tropical vacation (LOL. imagine that duo. Ed Sheeran would have to lather on the sunscreen every .25 seconds and who else but C-Breezy could help him reach those hard-to-get spots on his back?). The first :30 seconds of the song SUCKS 'cause, you know, apparently that's the idiotic rule in the industry. But wait the 30 seconds and you'll be in Mashup-Germany-heaven (pulled that reference out of no where. Guess weed isn't affecting my memory as much as I thought. IN YO FACE, NANCY GRACE).

Sounds Like: Naxsy, Mash-Up Germany