FYFE- Through the Wire (Kanye West Cover)

1/06/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Usually covers of rap songs suck (although, to be fair, it's usually because they're being covered by some self-obsessed, 20-year-old girl from her dormroom in Cali who's trying to be the next Karmin*). FYFE, however, (who I can only guess is, in the picture, exploring what it's like to be a toucan) nails the Yeezy cover. He kept the chipmunk vocals and the lyrics but then basically tossed everything else, completely transforming the track into an alt-pop little ditty. FYFE, aka Paul Dixon, obviously knew rap covers were controversial, seeing as he released this statement along with the track:

"Through The Wire' has been stuck in my head for most of the last 10 years. The fact that Kanye West had a track on his last album named I Am A God added a certain amount of pressure to the process, but once I got over the image of him peering over my shoulder whilst I made the cover it came along quite quickly. To Kanye West purists- I’m sorry. To everyone else - I hope you enjoy it."

Track: FREE
EP: $9.99 (Out March 9th)
The image of Kanye looking like this while bearing over FYFE (still in his Toucan Sam paint of course) : Priceless** 

*Kind of sad if you're goal is to be the next Karmin. She was relevant for about .07 seconds. 

**What ever happened to those mastercard commercials. They fucking rocked.

Sound Like: Jon Bellion (why does a male falsetto harmonize so well with chipmunks??), Josef Salvat, SOHN