Jens Lekman- January Postcards

1/30/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Never have I ever felt more hipster than when I listen to Jens Lekman. He is so hipster, he exudes second-hand-bohemianism that seeps into his listeners and infects them with the hipster-holy-spirit*, no matter how preppy the culprit. I'm serious! Play "A Postcard for Nina" for Cher Horowitz and by the end of the song she'll be drinking coconut water and tying a flannel around her old prom dress for an edgy day-look to romp around BK in. Mark my words.

But in all seriousness, Lekman is doing the coolest thing. He's writing a song every week, from wherever he is about wherever he is, and sending them to his listeners. Like leetle musical postcards! (get the title now?) And if you're not swayed yet that Jens is the man, he is also one of Kirsten Duntz' favorite artists!! (Hmmm. That argument sounded a lot better in 2007 but oh well). Here's Lekman's first 4 postcards of 2k15:

Postcard #1- January 2nd, 2015
t4L: Ranking: #4
The beginning sounds like uncannily like heart + soul so that basically ruined the inaugural postcard for me right off the bat. Also I feel like Dido could have also sung this song. Or Regina Spector.  Basically any irrelevant, mid-2000s warbler. Not my favorite but I'll cut him some slack cause he was probably still hungover from NYE while recording it.

Postcard #2- January 9th, 2015
t4L Ranking: #2

Here's the up-beat Jens we all know and love! I am officially dubbing 2015 the year of the trumpet (2014 was the year of the souful sax #leduh). I get some serious "Me-and-Julio-Down-By-The-Schoolyard"-vibes which, don't get me wrong, I dig.

Postcard #3- January 15th, 2015
t4L Ranking: #1

This track rocks mostly because of the story behind it. I'll let JL exaplin it himself (mostly because I don't want to bother with the spelling of "Jukkaakfjndarvnhdo" or whatever the fuq it is): "Yesterday I played a wedding in beautiful Jukkasjärvi, in the very north of Sweden. The couple getting married were two australians, Erin and Alisdair. I’d never met them before but Alisdair wrote and asked if I wanted to sing for them and he seemed sweet so I said yes. And since I was going to sing for them and had to write a song this week I figured why not make the song for them. " This song is also my personal favorite because it contains the pun : "yin-jens" instead of "yin yang" which made me LOL (yeah, I have the humor of a socially-awkward 6th grader, get over it).

Postcard #4- January 25th, 2015
t4L Ranking: #3

The only reason this one beats out Postcard #1 is that he somehow manages to fit "amygdala" into a song. If that isn't a musical-gift, I don't know what is. Also the country-music-inspired harmonies ain't too bad either.

Sounds Likes: Belle & Sebastian,  the two troubadours from There's Something About Mary (i know, i'm right and you're mind was just fucking blown) 

*If the hipster-holy-spirit did take a human form, it would definitely be Wes Anderson #lehipsterprince