Kanye- Only One (ft. Paul McCartney)

1/05/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

I lol to myself when I think of the conversation that went on between Kanye and his publicist while deciding to release this track on NYE.

Kanye: " Imma do something that no one else has the innovation to think up. Imma release my track on New Years Eve.
Publicist: "But, Supreme*, everyone's blackout on New Years Eve. No one will even remember that you released it. How about January 2nd?

Kanye: No. The day's gotta be special. Just like me.

Publicist: How about your birthday, then?

Kanye: NOOOO. That's the one day a year Kim lets me play my music  over the surround-sound system. All other days it shuffles between the audio track from her sex tape with Ray-J and her 2011 single "Jam" (Turn It Up)**. Those beats are NOT dope. New Years Eve it is, now go get me a bathrobe. I wanna feel like a sheik.

Ultimately, no one was in any state to give a shit about this track until January 2nd. Looks like the publicist is a publicist for a reason but seeing as Kanye's credo is "Yeezus above all else" you can see how "Only One" ended up with the worst release date in the history of release dates. With it's slow-burn tempo, choir organs and lack of tHuG rhymes, this track definitely isn't classically-Kanye, but it's actually a refreshing breath of fresh air. Furthermore, it's NOT about Kim, so you can like it without feeling guilty (it's about his mum #awwwww). "Only One" is the first single off of Kanye's TBN track (to be named, le duh). Another HILARIOUS anecdote from the planning for this track is that apparently Kanye is claiming that he didn't know who Paul McCartney was before collaborating with him on the lyrics***........ yeah. and I'm Rosa fucking Parks.

P.S. If you see  a man named Henri, tell him about Kanye. He RLY wants Henri to know about him.

Sounds Like: Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z

*4got to mention that Kanye makes his work bitches call him "Supreme" likes he's Jessica Lange on AHS. 

**Yeah.... that happened.

***The article photo was taken at the 2009 Grammys... either Kanye's a liar or he's a Drew-Barrymore-from-50-First-Dates situation. Personally, I hope it's the latter and that a steroid-pumped Samwise Gamgee is changing his morning newspaper everyday to keep the charade going. If any celeb had that ailment, it would be the Louis Vuitton Don himself.

Listen to via HypeM for now. Kanye is onto your music-pirating sorcery