Lostboycrow- HiyHiy

1/07/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

I'm just really confused #heLP!. HiyHiy? I've looked it up online and "HIY" is only commonly abbreviated for 1 thing: it is an abbreviated version of "Helsingin Invalidien Yhdistys" which is some organization in Helsinki... so either this L.A.-based dude is just OBSESSED with Finland (um, weird.) or he's into using nonsensical titles. I'm guess the latter considering the epithet he's chosen for himself. Which leads to my second source of utter bewilderment. Lostboycrow? rly? Idk whether his inspiration was Peter Pan or The Night's Watch. This guy needs a publicist or someone who knows something about branding and marketing cause right now,  "you know nothing, J̶o̶n̶ ̶S̶n̶o̶w̶  lostboycrow". But looking past the pedophilic title, Lostboycrow's newest single, "HiyHiy" is 50% The Neighbourhood, 50% Foster and the People and 100% AMAZING. His vocals are a "Walter-White's-meth" level of perfection and the edgy hook combined with the whimsical and lively instrumentals turns this into a gem of an alt-pop track. Also combine his stellar alt-electro-fusion with his epic man-bun and 1800s-chimney-sweeper-jacket you'll be in hipster heaven (fun fact: hipster heaven is the same thing as preppy ppl's hell. And vice versa. One man's trash, yah know?).

Sounds Like: MNEK, Tycho, JMR, Brett, Miguel, Steven A. Clark