Mark Johns - In Paris (Kanye/Jayz cover)

1/26/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Guys, click on this. I felt very hesitant to listen, mainly because the original is obviously amazing and Katy Perry once murdered it on BBC Live Lounge. (Srsly don't look it up.) But this is..greatttttt. Plot twist: Marks Johns is actually a girl. And her voice sounds like how Banks would sound should she one day decide to stop living in a Twilight-like world of emotion. Further more, she has enlisted a veryy good producer. The vocals are perfectly distorted, and there are my favorite "twinkly star" synthesizers. It also does what a cover should do, which is sound original from the song they are playing. Hi, remember when Coldplay covered Beastie Boys? AND the album artwork has delicious looking macaroons on it. Pink and green ones. What could be more perfect.  ..nothing . Literally my favorite song this month.