OMI- Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)

1/30/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

DROP EVERYTHING YOU'RE DOING RIGHT NOW 'cause you NEED this song in your weekend! I'm serious, even if it's your kid, pull a B. Spears, drop that sucker and press play. It is 4 minutes and 21 seconds (ooo, so close) of musical magic. The trumpet is a stellar addition and only furthers the claim I made merely one post ago that the trumpet is in 2015 what the sax was in 2014 (woah. Flashbacks to the word associations of the SAT verbal section. Sorry to make everyone relive such a dark time - aka college apps). Looking at the individual elements of this song, they should NOT go together. Like at all. There's everything from the aforementioned trumpet to heavy electronic synth to overly-autotuned-vocals and then there are some vaguely-tropical-but-somehow-also-vaguely-Eiffel-65-vibes. Also it makes me wanna do the macarena, but if you ask anyone who knows me, about 50% of songs do that anyway (The other 50% make me wanna leprechaun dance*). All this shit shouldn't go together, but it does here and that's why Felix Jaehn fucking ROCKS. He has an amazzzzzing ear for samplings and an even better knack for layering. The whole song is basically flawless (© Beyonce, 2k13**) and my only complaint is that this track has been out for 8 months and it did not graze my ears sooner. HYPE MACHINE you failed me! America, you failed me (I blame Obamacare). It's songs like these that make me wish I lived in Sweden or Australia, where the people are cool and, thus, so is the music. THIS SONG IS NUMBER ONE IN BOTH THOSE COUNTRIES PEOPLE! Take note, America, and get with the fucking program (that program being 19-year-old German DJs named after cartoon cats. DUh)

P.S. Idk who the fuq OMI is, but from the album art he looks like a douchhhhhe and a half. I mean his ideal woman is a cheerleader...

*You think I'm over-exaggerating but a rando came up to my friend senior year and said these exact words "you know, i've never actually met Bridget, but every time I see that girl she's dancing like a leprechaun". Verbatum. Sad, however, let me just say that the leprechaun dance doubles as an excellent glutes workout so I'm not ashamed of it!

**Not sure if Beyonce has merely artistic or also legal ownership of the adjective "flawless" so I threw the copyright in there. Better safe than sorry.

Sounds Like: Klingande, Magic System