Pat Lok - All In My Head (ft. Desiree Dawson)

1/17/2015 Tunes For Loons 0 Comments

Fact: this music is the love child of SBTRKT and MS MR. It's therefore somewhat shocking that Pat Lok doesn't spell his name in all caps, but I have wildly curly hair and my parents have straight hair so crazier things have happened. This Canadian DJ man has produced some excellent vibey electro.  Like I said, the background is almost criminally reminiscent of SBTRKT. Think spacey /far out/ twinkly star sounds. Desiree, are you MS MR? I met that girl once and I don't remember her name being Desiree, but it is possible that I didn't listen to anything she said. I was more like OOOooo famous person take a picture w me so I can Instagram it. It's interesting to think about the fact that for every semi-famous musician, there is most likely a less famous counterpart who sounds exactly like them. I would like someone to make a list of sonic doppelgangers and email it to me. Then I can go see the poor man's Taylor Swift in concert. She would probably even have a posse of Z-list celebrity besties. Jamie Lynn Spears, looking at you.