Phoebe Ryan- Ignition/ Do You (R Kelly/ Miguel Cover)

1/22/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

Phoebe Ryan (That's P as in Phoebe, H as in Hee-bee, O as in Oh-bee, E as in Ee-bee, B as in Bee-bee and E as in 'ello there, mate!*) srsly just created the cover to destroys all covers. Now i'm the first white-girl to bitch about a white-girl rapping but Phoebe brings a Tove-Lo-like-crystalline-sound to this fusion and it just fucking works. I mean, homegirl's written for Skizzy Mars so she must have a little thug in her (that's what she said). It kinda reminds me of Eastside's "Dont' x Loyal" cover, but a little darker and more jittery. The infectious hooks from the originals still grab yah but Ryan's playful yet edgy vocals float over the melodies so perfectly that the song almost seems like an original itself. My one complaint (i always gotta have at least one): other blogs have been raving about her originality with her teal hair, but lykeeee Catey Shaw's been doing that since July. U get no originality praise from me Pheebs. Dye ur hair ginger and take a real risk (the ging life is hard, ask any carrot top about National Kick a Ginger Day. Shit's unfair.).

P.S. This song epitomizes the way like 50% of college students become friends: "Do you like drugs? Do you like drugs? Yeah? Well, me too, me too!" Doesn't work too well unless the whole interaction is covered in a Tito's-drenched haze. But without alcohol like 87% of business deals wouldn't go through so don't feel guilty about using alcohol's reality-altering ways to get past that awkward freshman fall.

Sounds Like: Chloe Black, Eastside, Zella Day, Tove Lo

*I can't believe that was my first Phoebe Buffay reference ever on t4L. I'll up my Friends-quoting game, I promise (Unless we're on a break...) <-- see! already keeping to my promise!