Phoebe Ryan- Mine

1/28/2015 tunes4loons 0 Comments

This girl is the next Tove Lo. CALLED IT (high-fiving a million angels*). Literally the whole track is pop perfection from Ryan's smoky vocals to her relatable lyricism. With last week's release of her "Ignition"/"Do You" cover and now "Mine",  Ryan proves she's someone to watch for in 2k15 (and not just because she has easy-2-spot hair!). I get major "Saturday Night" by Natalia Kills vibes from this. Like tough-girl, know-thyself**, don't-need-a-man, vibes. A topic which, since we live in the age of Beyonce, is suuuuper hot n trendayy (sry, I don't know how to say the word trendy w/o sounding like the most basic betch on the planet. Although, to be fair, i don't think anyone does). 
AND, if it wasn't enough that she creates killer tracks, she also is pretty lol-worthy on "the Twitter" (<-- how my grandpa refers to it). If u get past her Hester-Prynne-on-Acid cover photo, her page is a gold-mine of sassy comments and of what goes on inside a 20-something girl's mind (aka a lot of food cravings). Basically she's t4L if we had real talent and the cajones to dye our hair teal. Here's just a sneak peek of the comedy ur in for by pressing the "Follow" button for this aqua-marine aural anomaly (<-- that literally took me 15 minutes to think up so APPRECIATE THE ALLITERATION AS$HOLES <-- that alliteration 2 pLZ!). 

@ph0eberyan: "Game shows were the only way to find romance in 2008"
@ph0eberyan: "Brb eating pita chips and weeping"
@ph0eberyan: "If u don't have a fupa u don't mean shit to me"
@ph0eberyan: "My hair isn't green it's just made out of weed"
@ph0eberyan: "I'm hunting for string cheese"
@ph0eberyan: "I am the sluttiest girl in IHOP today #grateful"

Told yah. Homegirl fucking gets it #fupaorbust

*If you get that reference then I invite u to dine at my place this weekend (and by dine, of course, I mean we can work on our night cheese 2gether)

**"know thyself" was actually my college's motto..............which sounds rul auto-fellatiotic for a liberal arts school slogan if yah ask me

Sounds Like: Tove Lo, M Maggie, Chloe Black